Best African Restaurant: A Taste of Ethiopia

Haile Kilos has been serving up feel-good Ethiopian food for nine years in his breezy market stall in Moore Park. You won’t find a cloying designer interior here but you will find a stream of customers leading to the heart of African cuisine. Rich in flavour, the food is deceptively light and will have you […]

Best Breakfast: Cafe Morso

This trendy cafe is carved out of an old wharf in Pyrmont that was previously used for art production and underground parties. More restaurant than cafe, fine dining chefs produce gourmet dishes because they “believe in breakfast wholeheartedly”. Their signature dish, bacon and egg gnocchi with baby herbs and truffle oil, is beautifully presented in […]

Best Breakfast in the East: Brown Sugar

A weekend isn’t the same without breakfast at Brown Sugar. And it’s always the same breakfast for me - Asparagus and parmesan eggs – because it’s so damn good. Of course I peruse the menu and consider the fluffy buttermilk pancakes and the organic porridge with cinnamon and rhubarb, but in the end I opt […]

Best Cafe Catering: Collier’s Sandwich Company

This cafe makes extremely delicious sandwiches. It's not complicated but in its simplicity and excellence it answers the question of the city-bound lunch hour. Their huge range of baguettes, foccaccias, wraps and sandwiches is delectable, healthy and not too pricey, and they have pretty damn good coffee too. They cater for vegetarians excellently: the mushroom, […]

Best Cafe Service: Katipoo cafe

What more needs to be said? This picture truly speaks for itself. Can you imagine more personalised service when taking care of your personal needs? They also do a mean Chai and carry that great service ethic through to all areas of the cafe! (Chris Peken) 101 Bondi Rd, Bondi 9389 6405 katipocafe.com.au

Best Chinese Restaurant: Golden Century

Many people naively say they don’t like seafood. Take them to Golden Century and they will find out what a ludicrous statement that is. All the seafood is so fresh and thickly tasty it reminds you of how much incredible variety there is in the flavour and texture of even different clam species, let alone […]

Best Club Tucker: Klaus’s Brasserie

Tucked away in the back of Paddo RSL, past the razzle and dazzle of pokie machines and keno screens, is one of the Eastern suburb’s best kept secrets.  Until now. Klaus’s Brasserie, after opening late last year, has already built a solid reputation among Paddington locals. Klaus’s offers a diverse and delicious menu of contemporary […]

Best Fine Dining: LL Wine and Dine

Tucked away in the labyrinth of Potts Point is Ll Wine and Dine, a quirky restaurant that celebrates new Sydney food diversity and old Sydney history. In 2010, inspired by the Hong Kong bar scene, brothers Matt, Tim and Chris Barge reinvented what was a seedy adult bookshop into a trendy locale, keeping the space’s […]

Best Italian Experience: Little Sicily

This culinary mainstay stays clear of Norton Street and bridges the city's two Italian suburbs: Leichhardt and Haberfield. The genius behind the ever-evolving menu? Sicilian chef Ciccio Totaro who is kept on his toes by his equally talented 32-year-old son and prodigy Adriano. Tasty highlights include the homemade gnocchi, suckling pig and Garfish but often […]

Best Lunch: Iku Wholefoods

If our bodies were cars, then Iku Wholefoods would be premium unleaded bio-fuel. Iku makes food that loves your body back, using over 200 organic and biodynamically grown ingredients that are prepared nearest to their natural state as possible to keep all the goodness intact. From macro-burgers and millet-balls to lasagnes and laksas with lime-pickled […]