Best Pubs

Best Pub with a View: The Watershed Hotel *Editorial Pick* As you drink on the glittering edge of Darling Harbour at The Watershed Hotel, you'd be forgiven for wondering what the poor folk are doing. This is another well-run watering hole, managed by the J & J O'Brien group who bring you quality venues like […]

Best Restaurants

Best Breakfast: Fratelli Paradiso *READER PICK* Excellent coffee and great baked goods are two of the drawcards at this Best Breakfast winner. Your choices are loosely modern Italian, and the fashionable, funky crowd is often a part of the drawcard. However this was by no means a one-horse race. According to our readers, other top […]

Best Things To See While Visiting Sydney

Best Tourist Attraction: James Craig *READER PICK* It's hard to surpass Sydney Harbour as one of the best tourist attractions this city has to offer, so it's not surprising that many voters opted for activities on, or around it, as our best tourist attraction. The Sydney Opera House, BridgeClimb, Taronga Zoo and a variety of […]

Best Services

Best Doctor: Dr Raymond Seidler *EDITORIAL PICK* On the 11th August, 2008 Dr Raymond Seidler declared in the Sydney Morning Herald letters section that 'Australia has always been at the forefront of illicit drug use worldwide.' Hallelujah - finally a voice of rationality in the crazy wilderness of current drug policies. Can we just declare […]

Best Arts and Entertainment

Best Fringe Theatre: Darlinghurst Theatre Company *READER PICK* Darlinghurst Theatre Company is one of the country's leading producers of independent theatre, presenting a diverse program of new, innovative Australian and international plays to Sydney audiences. Offering one of the most relaxed and enjoyable Sydney theatre experiences, the large foyer has a licensed bar, plush seats […]

Best Shops

Best Locally Crafted Furniture Shop: Wildwood Designs Stanmore *READER PICK* Locally crafted handmade furniture is a real treasure and can become a family heirloom you'll want to pass on to kin in future. Peter Crutchfield and Juliet Barr at Wildwood allow you to express your personality through wood in consultation with their expert crafts-folk, on […]

CELEBRITY BEST: Akira Isogawa, Fashion Designer

Akira Isogawa should need no introduction. He's one of Australia's most prominent and cutting-edge fashion designers, making this country his home after immigrating from Japan in 1986. He's also a valuable export commodity, with his commercial fashion label Akira being sold in at least a dozen countries world-wide. He's costumed the Sydney Theatre Company, done […]

CELEBRITY BEST: Jaimie Leonarder aka Jay Katz

Jaimie Leonarder has been involved in underground artistic ventures for well over twenty five years. He's an avid collector of lost film footage, and he runs an independent cinema screening venue in his own home, the Mu-Meson Archives. Lucky for him his wife Aspasia is an avid archivist of lost and contemporary film culture too! […]

CELEBRITY BEST: Joh Bailey, Hairdresser

Every smart woman knows the power of good hair which is why every smart woman has three options. 1. Spend hours experimenting and become a DIY expert. 2. Arrange, as I once did, to move in with your hairdresser. 3. Find a superhero hair-artist like Joh Bailey www.johbailey.com.au and relax! Joh has become something of a […]