BEST VINYL STORE – Repressed Records

By Sasha Foot A box of discounted vinyl quickly lures the King Street walker into the abundance of music in Newtown's Repressed Records. Local and imported vinyl, focusing on underground and independent titles is the store’s speciality. An extensive collection of local tunes makes Repressed Records a great go-to for obtaining new releases. There is […]

BEST CRYSTALS – Mineralism

By Tessa Pelle Whether you are a gemstone fiend or just beginning your crystal journey, Mineralism has you covered.  This family-owned and operated business offers a wide collection of ethically sourced precious, semi-precious and rare stones from all over the world. From small pocket gems to larger collector pieces, the store also stocks handmade jewellery […]

BEST PLANTS & GARDEN – My Plants & Garden Centre

By Sasha Foot Tucked on the corner of Burton Street in Darlinghurst and located opposite the National Art School, is a seemingly untouched and humble nursery space. Sprawled on the streetscape is an array of healthy and vibrant plants that attract local passersby. Considering the nursery’s small size and modest shop-front, the selection of plants, […]


By Sasha Foot Expanding from their store in Crown Street, Surry Hills, Title opened a larger store in Barangaroo in 2017.  Owned by Steve Kulak, Title Barangaroo is distinctly separate from the intimate space of the Surry Hills location. The Barangaroo store is held in an expanse of tall glass, with large concrete pillars lining […]

BEST HOME DECOR – Chee Soon & Fitzgerald

By Sasha Foot Upon opening in 1996, Chee Soon and Fitzgerald was situated on Crown Street in Surry Hills. Today, it is held in a small terrace house on Redfern’s Regent Street.  Combining an eclectic mix of striking decorative materials, it is a hub for textile lovers. Two years after opening, they began wholesaling and […]


By Sasha Foot Established in 1987, Boomalli is an Indigenous Artists cooperative, located in Leichhardt.  As a haven for purchasing Aboriginal Art, the purpose of the co-op is to recognise, support and exhibit regional and metropolitan NSW Indigenous Artists. The opening nights of exhibitions allow artists to express the significance and meaning of their works. […]