Best Bike Shop – Frasers Motorcycles

Bringing all your badass biker fantasies to life in one shop, Frasers Motorcycles has been fulfilling the dreams of ready-to-ride motorcycle enthusiasts since 1995. Whether you’re a Ducati racer or a Harley Davidson tourer, you can find great deals on a pre-owned model, test out the latest gear, source those hard to find parts, or find your soul […]

Best Vinyls – The Record Store

This is THE place for the vinyl audiophile, a paradise for DJs. With bass music/dub step, beats/heads/breaks, drum ‘n’ bass/jungle, funk/soul, *breathe* hip hop/house, techno, rock/indie, and scratch records. If you’re after something older, have a go at the jazz/blues/reggae and funk/soul sections. There are no stock shortages either with over 3,000 new releases, re-issued, rare and second hand […]

Best International Designer – Marcs

It’s really hard to shop in real life these days. Online shopping means you can search for a particular item that you have in mind, plus you don’t have to deal with the queues. Marcs is another online boutique to add to your bookmarks folder. Here, men and women can peruse the online catalogue and collection for a range […]

Best Electronics Suppliers – DME Hi Fi

There is one thing about music that spans across all genres: the need for a quality hi-fi system. Cinema-buffs feel the same way about their home-entertainment systems, which is why people from all walks of life head to DME. The store stocks all the best hi-fi names like Bose, Sonos, Denon, and Sennheiser to name just a few. There […]

Best Supermarket – Thai Kee IGA

All supermarkets have their minor differences: there’s the yummy ice cream at the Coles near your Nan’s, but the Foodworks down the road has that crazy selection of cheese. Thai Kee IGA pushes the boundaries of what a grocery store can provide. There are your Western foods, fruit and veg and whatever you need, but it’s all about the […]

Best Gourmet Grocer – Aboutlife

It’s safe to say that eating healthy and organic is no longer just a trendy thing for hipsters and North Shore mums to boast about. If you need some goodness in your life (read: gut), Aboutlife’s stores provide a one-stop shop for natural products and wholefood nutrition. It’s all completely natural, and the breakfast, salad and DIY pizza bars […]

Best Bookstore Café: Ampersand

Named after the little squiggle that combines two words, Ampersand Café and Bookstore combines two of the best nouns: Books and Coffee. The bookstore sits humbly amongst bustling Oxford Street and lies in wait, tempting passersby with the smell of paperbacks and freshly roasted coffee beans. On entry, visitors satiate their hunger with an extensive menu that includes eggs Benedict […]

Best Antiques – Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre

Mitchell Road Antique and Design Centre is the go-to place for anyone who loves searching for rare and unusual antiques. The dealer warehouse is home Sydney’s largest range of pre-loved goods with over 60 stallholders spread across two floors. The antique store, formerly known as Mitchell Road Auction House, has relocated to Bourke Road in Alexandria, where vintage pieces […]

Best Shopping Centre – Eastgate

What can’t you get at Eastgate? There are the familiar names of Coles, Kmart, ALDI, Harris Farm Markets, plus 22 speciality stores – all conveniently located under one roof. You can order beer, wine or spirits from Liquorland, seafood from De Costi’s and go to one of the most-awarded butchers in Australia, Tender Gourmet Butchery. Perhaps the centre should […]

Best Op Shop – Cat Protection Society Op Shop

If you’re planning on going op shopping, you need to swing by the Cat Protection Society Op Shop on Enmore Road. It’s a no-brainer: find yourself something nice – a unique lamp maybe, or a pair of slacks – and then hand over a bit of cash to directly aid cat welfare. The shop has everything you’d expect, […]