Best Travel and Tourism College – Australian Pacific Travel and Tourism

Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism (APTT) College is committed to helping people turn their travel dreams into reality. The Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offers a range of education programs that have been designed specifically with the Australian Travel and Tourism market in mind. APTT can help students put their lessons into practice with a range of traineeships and work experience […]

Best Real Estate – Dean’s Property

When you’re looking into property, look no further than Dean’s. The company specialises in commercial, industrial, retail and multi-use listings for the city fringe and CBD areas. There is literally something for anyone who is looking into any kind of real estate – sales, leasing, property management, and projects. The team have been the undefeated winners of this Best […]

Best Arts Venue – The Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum of Science and Design is a must-see for all visitors to our fair city. Those of us who live here are lucky that we can visit anytime we like to experience the ever-changing exhibits (including travelling exhibitions from all over the world). The Powerhouse packs a punch in terms of visitor experience with exhibits targeted towards […]

Best Beauty Salon – Sweetness and Light

You work hard and your body cops it most - late nights leave you tired, the gym leaves you sore, and looking after the kids leaves you aching for some alone time. Time to treat yo’self. Make your way down to the aptly named Sweetness and Light, where the staff will leave you feeling...well, much as the name […]

Best Hotel Accommodation – The Star

Want a night out guaranteed to please everyone in your group? A stop at The Star is guaranteed to impress, with an array of restaurants and cocktail bars to suit every budget and taste. Enjoy live music and full-scale musical productions for a bit of spectacle, and hit the casino if you're feeling lucky. There's […]

Best Community College – City East Community College

This is not your average college, the reasons for which are threefold. One: City East Community College is a non-profit organisation; two: the courses on offer change every year; and three: the average student is between the ages of 25-39, tertiary educated, worldly, and passionate about furthering their education. The college also caters for school leavers and seniors – […]

Best Tattoos – LDF Tattoos

This tattoo studio is owned and operated by artists who draw on more than 50 years of experience in the Australian tattoo industry. Located in Newtown, aka the middle of the arts and cultural hub of Sydney, these tattoo artists combine their artistic talent with the customer’s direction to create a beautiful piece of art. From pin-up to […]

Best Barber Shop – Chops ‘n’ Charlie

If you’ve ever stepped outside your house, you would have, at some point, seen a beard. And if you’re particularly astute, you will have noticed that beards are making somewhat of a comeback for men between the ages of 23 and 30. This was an age bracket that, a few moons ago, was sans beard, but now the hirsute […]

Best Place to Get Pierced – Stone Heart

Been itching for a new piercing? Perhaps some ink? Or a cover-up for some woefully misguided tattoo your past self somehow decided was a good idea? Whatever your body mod needs, Stone Heart (formerly known as First Blood) has got you covered. The team of highly skilled piercers and tattoo artists are happy to help you achieve the tattoo […]

Best Wet Shave – The Barber Shop

For almost a century between the 1800’s and 1900’s, barbershops were a great place for men to not only get a haircut and a shave, but to socialise and ‘chew the fat.’ Sydney’s The Barber Shop has brought back the golden age and now you can enjoy a refreshing cocktail and a wet shave. With the barber […]