Best of Sydney 2014


A delicious four-course meal enhanced by four captivating stories is what to expect when you head to Hakawati at El-Phoenician Restaurant in Parramatta, and Director Wayne Harrison is very excited. “I get a particular thrill out of creating things that didn’t exist before, and part of the excitement of that is putting it in front […]

Review: El Circo Blanc

From the moment you enter the room – luxe white decorations shrouding the space and blanketing it in a glamorous wintry mystique, a friendly waitperson swaddled in (faux) furs hands you a dainty mug of piping hot mulled wine – El Circo Blanc is an experience. The Slide Lounge is putting on a show from the […]

Best Travel and Tourism College – Australian Pacific Travel and Tourism

Australian Pacific Travel & Tourism (APTT) College is committed to helping people turn their travel dreams into reality. The Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offers a range of education programs that have been designed specifically with the Australian Travel and Tourism market in mind. APTT can help students put their lessons into practice with a range of traineeships and work experience […]

Best Real Estate – Dean’s Property

When you’re looking into property, look no further than Dean’s. The company specialises in commercial, industrial, retail and multi-use listings for the city fringe and CBD areas. There is literally something for anyone who is looking into any kind of real estate – sales, leasing, property management, and projects. The team have been the undefeated winners of this Best […]

Best Bike Shop – Frasers Motorcycles

Bringing all your badass biker fantasies to life in one shop, Frasers Motorcycles has been fulfilling the dreams of ready-to-ride motorcycle enthusiasts since 1995. Whether you’re a Ducati racer or a Harley Davidson tourer, you can find great deals on a pre-owned model, test out the latest gear, source those hard to find parts, or find your soul […]

Best Thai – Spice I Am

Diners are in good hands with Sujet and Padet. Sujet has been a food connoisseur since he was four years old, and is now a leader in authentic Thai cuisine in Sydney. Even dignitaries and international Heads of State drop by to taste his latest fare when they get a chance. The pair takes traditional Thai cuisine, […]

Best Arts Venue – The Powerhouse Museum

The Powerhouse Museum of Science and Design is a must-see for all visitors to our fair city. Those of us who live here are lucky that we can visit anytime we like to experience the ever-changing exhibits (including travelling exhibitions from all over the world). The Powerhouse packs a punch in terms of visitor experience with exhibits targeted towards […]

Best Caribbean – Jonkanoo

When you walk into Jonkankoo, you’d be forgiven for thinking that someone has put the essence of the Caribbean in a bottle, then shaken it up and watched it spray across the room. The people, the music, and most of all, the food and beverages, all work to create an authentic West Indian experience in the heart of […]

Best Basement Bar – Baxters Inn

Imagine a speakeasy with over 300 types of whiskey covering the walls behind the bar, where moustachioed bartenders serve you drinks and there is an abundance of free pretzels. This wellhidden, intriguing basement bar in the heart of Sydney provides patrons with wonderful service and even better drinks. It can be tricky to find this bar, but once […]

Best Food Court – Eating World

The best way to avoid that relationship-ending squabble over what to get for dinner is to nab a food court table; be separate in your culinary tastes but so, so together. Eating World offers the most diverse range of Asian foods out of the Chinatown food courts. From Red Charcoal’s northern Chinese street food, through to the famous Gumshara […]