Just For Laughs Sydney announces return

After a two-year break, the Just For Laughs Sydney Comedy Festival will return with shows in theatres all over the city and The All-Star Gala will return to its home, the Sydney Opera House. The 2022 All-Star Gala will be  held on Saturday, December 3 and will feature a stellar lineup to celebrate the Festival’s milestone 10th Anniversary.  […]

Jonathan Van Ness Coming To Sydney

Comedian & entertainer Jonathan Van Ness will bring his Imaginary Living Room Olympian tour to Sydney this September. Speaking as part of the announcement Van Ness said, "Australia is one of the most amazing places and I cannot wait to come back and share my new show with y’all! We’ve been through a lot the last […]

Drag Queen Comedian Bianca Del Rio Retuning To Sydney

Get your vaccinations and prepare the cocktails because everyone's favourite “clown in a gown”, Bianca Del Rio, is returning to Sydney with her new comedy tour Unsanitized! Bianca Del Rio, otherwise known as Roy Haylock, is a dimple-cheeked, larger-than-life drag queen and outrageous comic who isn’t afraid to shock and offend. When it comes to insult […]

Spin: Election 2022 at Enmore Theatre

Charles Firth is one of three political wits behind Spin: Election 2022, in which The Chaser Digital and The Shovel present “a comedic masterclass on the upcoming election.” The other two wits are James Schloeffel, from the The Shovel, and the entertaining Mark Humphries (from the ABC’s 7:30). Schloeffel’s witty satirical journal, The Shovel, was born […]

How Has Social Media Changed Comedy?

BY SAM WADE “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”* Social media means that laughter can connect people across the globe. So I guess the world is getting smaller? I'm old enough to associate TikTok with Kesha (still a banger, yes I will die on that hill) and young enough to have grown up […]

Why You Shouldn’t Call Comedian Anthony Locascio A ‘Wog’

BY ANTHONY LOCASCIO A slightly more experienced comedian once advised me to never use the word ‘wog’ in my act. Apparently the word “doesn’t really exist anymore.” I was a few months into performing, desperate for any kind of laugh, and leaning on a couple of easy, stereotype jokes. I have since figured out that […]

REVIEW: The Umbilical Brothers – The Distraction

REVIEWED BY JANE MAJOR The Umbilical Brothers, a partnership between David Collins and Shane Dundas with collaborator Doug Bayne, are performing their latest work, The Distraction, at the Sydney Opera House Playhouse until Feb 27 2022. The duo have been working together since the late 80s and are widely acknowledged for their performances with shows and awards […]

Glebe Comedians Premiere On SBS On Demand

SBS On Demand recently premiered an exclusive comedy sketch series, Cancelled!, by two Glebe locals. The series looks at the “scandals that rocked Australia”. From a controversial novel banned in Australia to a pop duo too racy for radio. Every public outrage that never happened is explored in Cancelled! The show features entirely fabricated scandals and the public […]

REVIEW: Michelle Brasier – Average Bear

The last thing I anticipated from a comedy show was to leave intears, to bawl my whole manipulated being out across the street from the Factory Theatre, where Michelle Brasier had just exposed her soul in the nicest possible way. I should have calcified my heart the moment when she and co-creator Tim Lancaster her […]

REVIEW: Brodi Snook – Handful

With a languid delivery style, stand-up comedian Brodi Snook knows how to capture the audience in her show Handful, which traverses toxic relationships recounting really terrible boyfriends, until darker anecdotes emerge. Culled from an 11-month ordeal in which she deliberately sought to shrink herself whilst being harassed by an unwanted suitor, the result is a series […]