Glebe Comedians Premiere On SBS On Demand

SBS On Demand recently premiered an exclusive comedy sketch series, Cancelled!, by two Glebe locals. The series looks at the “scandals that rocked Australia”. From a controversial novel banned in Australia to a pop duo too racy for radio. Every public outrage that never happened is explored in Cancelled! The show features entirely fabricated scandals and the public […]

REVIEW: Michelle Brasier – Average Bear

The last thing I anticipated from a comedy show was to leave intears, to bawl my whole manipulated being out across the street from the Factory Theatre, where Michelle Brasier had just exposed her soul in the nicest possible way. I should have calcified my heart the moment when she and co-creator Tim Lancaster her […]

REVIEW: Brodi Snook – Handful

With a languid delivery style, stand-up comedian Brodi Snook knows how to capture the audience in her show Handful, which traverses toxic relationships recounting really terrible boyfriends, until darker anecdotes emerge. Culled from an 11-month ordeal in which she deliberately sought to shrink herself whilst being harassed by an unwanted suitor, the result is a series […]

REVIEW: Sydney Comedy Festival Gala

The opening night gala of the Sydney Comedy Festival at the State Theatre was a glimpse of the coming run of the festival, offering a dozen or so introductions to the many comedians and acts to be featured across Sydney-wide venues until May 16. The guests were in the fine hands of most capable host Randy […]

Schapelle, Schapelle – The Musical

Schapelle, Schapelle - The Musical? Yes you read that right. Somebody finally put the infamy surrounding Schapelle Corby’s story to music and all one has to do is hear the double barrelled title to shake with anticipation. Really though, this show is fictionalised and has much to do with the media frenzy that swallowed up […]

The Kweens Of Comedy

Comedian and community leader AJ Lamarque has launched The Kweens Of Comedy show, boasting a line-up of Sydney’s best rising comedians and giving a platform to talented performers who have been out of work due to COVID-19. The three-part season includes new sketches, stories, and skits with over 20 local comedians, writers, and creatives including […]

Giant Dwarf Reopens

Amidst the COVID-19 lockdown our arts institutions were some of the hardest hit. Perhaps none more so than Giant Dwarf Theatre, who were about to reopen in their new venue when the lockdowns came into effect. Now after four long months the venue is finally able to welcome patrons in to enjoy shows. Since the […]

Live At Club Dunni

Aussie meme-lords Brown Cardigan and cinnamon whisky icon Fireball Whisky has teamed up once again to bring Australia a new virtual comedic show to your home. In a time when a drink at home can be worn as a badge of honour, Aussie jokester Dunni will be kick-starting your weekends from his Newcastle home with […]

Frenchy – Turn It Up

'Turn it up' is an expression which, like many Australian expressions, can come with multiple meanings depending on the various inflections placed on the phrase. At times it can mean partying hard and going all out, whereas at other times it can be an expressions of derision and disbelief. When the immortal phrase was first […]

Sam Wade – Living Through A Shutdown, A Comedian’s Perspective

I’m pretty sure 2020 did some shady shit back in the 80s because I have never seen something get so thoroughly and completely cancelled. We live in a time where most everything is shutdown, every job is essential and also completely expendable, where catching up with your mates is now a health hazard (unless you […]