CD Reviews

Luca Brasi – Everything Is Tenuous

Luca Brasi fans can rejoice as the band returns with their fifth album, Everything Is Tenuous. Spurred on by friends amidst the height of the COVID lockdown the band have returned with a renewed vigour and creative spark with this new album. Once again the band deliver a pop-punk/pop-rock showcase filled with beautiful melodies and […]

Psychedelic Porn Crumpets – SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound

Perth's Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are set to return with the fourth album on February 5, and it's obvious that the enforced time at home has been incredibly productive. This new record, SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound, is both an continuation of their intense well known sound but also an evolution of that sound into something more. […]

Jarryd James – PM

Jarryd James fans can celebrate the new year with the artist’s long-awaited second album, PM. ​All of the tracks on PM were written at nighttime when Jarryd was free of any distractions and able to focus on capturing the sounds that keep him up at night. ​For PM Jarryd secluded himself away from the world in […]

Deftones – White Pony/Black Stallion

Back in the year 2000 I was in the early stages of delving into the heavier side of music with bands such as Alexisonfire and Deftones being my entry points. It comes as no surprise then that the Deftones album White Pony holds a special place in my heart.  With this in mind I was […]

Taylor Swift – Evermore

​In her second surprise album of the year, Taylor Swift continues to show off her folksy side while blessing fans with even more cottagecore. ​As the sequel to Folklore, Evermore demonstrates how far Swift has come since her career began by showcasing her maturity as a storyteller. ​Far past her days as a bright-eyed starlet, Swift dedicates […]

Alex Khan – The Marble Jar

​The Marble Jar, the sophomore album from Alex Khan, is a playful take on the world, life and what makes it worth living. ​With light-hearted vocals and soft instrumentals, The Marble Jar is like honey for the soul — a sweet dose of candy-coated realism. ​In particular, the single Lorelai is a touching love letter written […]

Papaya Tree – Mortuary Magic

​The latest collection from Papaya Tree, Mortuary Magic, is a modern-day triumph that captures everything it means to be alive in 2020. ​Papaya Tree makes the most of a challenging year by channeling their emotion into singles like Out In The Wash and Corona Crooner. ​Each song on the EP is designed to capture a different expression […]

Moussa Diakite – Kanafo

​In the latest album from 71-year-old Malian guitar superstar Moussa Diakite, there are more feel-good tunes than ever before. Having already shaped much of West Africa’s music scene, Diakite is ready to make the whole world a better place. ​For anyone who just wants to put on a song and instantly feel happier about life, […]

Simon Robert Gibson – The Great Ongoing

​For fans of The Lemonheads and The Go-Betweens, Simon Robert Gibson’s debut as a solo artist is like a breath of fresh air. ​In the first solo album of his career, The Great Ongoing, Gibson demonstrates the innovative instrumentals, pure emotion and expressive songwork that make Australian indie music the masterpiece that it is. ​No […]

The Grogans – Day/To/Day

​In their latest album, Day/To/Day, The Grogans deliver fresh material with new sounds and beats. Drawing inspiration from the 60s, The Grogans dive into a heart pumping mix of punk and surf-rock. And while exploring vintage sounds, The Grogans come up with a style that’s all their own. ​Ahead of the album, The Grogans have […]