CD Reviews

Nick O’Mara – Overland Review

Over the years Nick O'Mara has built a reputation as one of Australia's premier guitarists blending pop & folk. With his new album, Overland, O'Mara showcases all of his talents on guitarist & as a songwriter across 10 tracks.  Exploring themes of hope & dread, beauty & decay, love & loss, malevolence & deliverance Overland […]

Coyle Girelli – Funland

Coyle Girelli, a Uk born but now New York based troubadour has used the recent pandemic restrictions on movement to focus on his latest album release, Funland. Although he is now based in New York the pandemic led Coyle to explore his desire to exist in mythical place during the creation of this record & […]

Jess Chalker goes solo on ‘Hemispheres’

BY LUCINDA GARBUTT-YOUNG In her debut album as a solo artist, Jess Chalker defies genres and presents poignant lyrics. Hemispheres documents Chalker’s global adventures, pulling listeners into her musings.  With her Leslie Feist-eque voice, Chalker offers a hybrid of folk and gentle pop. The album is driven by simple rhythm. It feels clean- an easy […]

Hannah Acfield – No Light Without Shade

Melbourne-based Hannah Acfield sounds like a woman who would pour you a glass of whisky and politely ask you not to screw her over. You’d listen, too.  In her upcoming album, No Light Without Shade, Acfield owns Soul. The 10 songs also emphasise her knowledge of different instruments. Never Let You Go and Midnight Moon […]

Grinding Eyes – Taste The Monochrome

Sydney based psych-rockers Grinding Eyes are back with their second album, Taste The Monochrome. With this new record the trio slip into the sinister darkness of psych-rock in order to take listeners on a spun-out journey. Throughout the 11 track offering the Sydneysiders explore themes of of love, loss, isolation, despair and time travel, set […]

All Hours – Perspectives

Brisbane pop-punk outfit All Hours are back with a new EP, Perspectives, where they once again bring their high energy sound. Led by vocalist Dani O'Grady it is hard not to listen to All Hours and immediately hear tinges of a fellow female led pop-punk group, Paramore. Across this quick five track offering All Hours […]

Bob Evans – Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland, the latest album from Kevin Mitchell (aka Bob Evans), continues an impressive streak of five straight beautiful albums for folk-pop fans. As a songwriter the talents of Mitchell are undeniable and with Tomorrowland this continues. This time though the record arrives with an added grittiness, referencing back to Mitchell's past in rock group Jebediah. […]

The Offspring – Let The Bad Times Roll

Punk rock pioneers and innovators The Offspring have returned for the first time in almost a decade with their 10th studio album, Let The Bad Times Roll. With this latest offering the band continue to push boundaries of the genre, but perhaps not in as innovative ways as they have done previously. Let The Bad […]

Jess Locke – Don’t Ask Yourself Why

Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Jess Locke is back with her third album, Don't Ask Yourself Why. With this record Locke continues to pump out mesmerising music oozing in her trademark raw and honest storytelling style. Throughout the record Locke delivers indie-pop music littered with acoustic guitar and a wide array of tones and messages wishing the lyricism. […]

Chase Atlantic – Beauty In Death

Australian-born trio Chase Atlantic deliver their third album, Beauty In Death, from the glitz and glam of Los Angeles. With this new record the trio once again blur the lines between pop, R&B, trap and alt-rock. Beauty In Death represents the groups first outing on their new label, Fearless Records, which is incredibly apt as […]