Palaye Royale – The Bastards

With track titles such as Anxiety, Lonely, Fucking With My Head and Masochist the listener is immediately clued into what Palaye Royale are aiming for with their new record, The Bastards.  The band not only delivers on those preconceived ideas but they take them to new heights as the songs perfectly capture the emotions and […]

Grace Farriss

Grace Farriss is an upcoming Sydney artist who has just released her debut single All The People, a “funky fireball of a track” with symbolic meaning to celebrate the interconnection between the diversity which shapes the world. All The People was recorded and produced by Tony Buchen, and mastered by Leon Zervos, known for his […]


Originally hailing from Kununurra in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, but now based out of Tasmania Parker is an artists who thrives on expressing herself though a range of mediums. These mediums range from music, both with her solo project Parker or band project Runaway Belles, and visual art projects. Ultimately though for Tash […]

Grey Daze – Amends

Posthumous releases of any kind - whether they be in the form of singles, films, or as is the case with Amends full albums - are always a delicate matter. Whilst Chester Bennington is best known as the voice of Linkin Park, it was not his only musical project. Prior to forming that iconic band […]

Lucille – Come On, Fly

It's undeniable that Melbourne's Lucille has a beautiful voice, even when it is unlike any other. Her new album Come On, Fly is a captivating showcase of her unique voice and deeply emotive storytelling. Inspired by her birthplace of Berlin and the current state of global affairs the title track of this record explores the […]

The Spooky Men

The Spooky Men, a group of Australian male singers and comedians have created a massive online community with over 500 singers, hosting a global weekly singalong. The Massive Singlets singalong caters to both kids and adults, providing entertainment and raising money for the COVID-19 fund, Medecins sans Frontieres. The group’s ‘spookmeister’ Stephen Taberner, said “For people […]

Moginie & Moz

Mostafa ‘Moz’ Azimitabar, a refugee formerly detained on Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island has recorded a song with Australian rock band Midnight Oil’s Jim Moginie. Alike many refugees detained on Manus Island and Nauru, Moz developed health problems and was transferred to Australia in late 2019 for medical treatment, which he has yet to receive. […]

Julian Taylor – The Ridge

Julian Taylor’s latest album The Ridge hopes to bring joy to listeners in this troubling time. Reminiscing the childhood memories of spending summer at his grandparent’s farm in Maple Ridge, the title track eases the listeners into the album through painting a picture into his wistful past. Throughout the album, Taylor blends in various elements […]

Savannah Clarke – Now United

At a time when the world has been driven apart by COVID-19 but then drawn together in the fight for justice and and to racism the global music group Now United is perhaps more poignant than ever. For Australian music lovers the group has gained even greater significance recently with the addition of Sydneysider Savannah […]

Phoenix Collective – Different Trains

With COVID-19 restrictions shutting down performance venues around the country for the foreseeable future the viability of their 2020 concert season was left “uncertain” for the Phoenix Collective. But the collective hopes to continue delivering high quality performances online, and say now more than ever we can see the importance of art in a time […]