Downton Abbey: A New Era

Reviewed by Ann McClelland Downtown Abbey: A New Era delivers exactly what all the fans want - a period piece (the late 20s) with all of the drama, plot twists and wholesome fun, yet still managing to further the story in a fresh way, without any tiredness. The story unfolds as some members of the […]

Julian Assange Documentary, Ithaka

This documentary ultimately asks, is Australian editor, publisher and activist Julian Assange a hero or villain? And is the ideology that ‘the truth will set you free’ merely that – an ideology that will never see fruition? Assange founded WikiLeaks (a whistle blower website) in 2006 and the world took notice when in 2010 he […]

After Yang is visually stunning “eye-oxygen”

BY MARCUS HAAR Based on the short story Saying Goodbye To Yang, Kogonada’s After Yang is set in an unspecified future where humanoid robots are purchased as live-in-babysitters. The film follows Jake as he tries to find a way to repair Yang, his daughter, Mika’s robotic “Chinese” brother and in doing so, discovers Yang’s secret […]

‘Mother Mountain’ explores Indigenous mother-daughter relationships

Loosely weaving together strands of spiritually, Mother Mountain is a tapestry of mother-daughter relationships, often troubled and sometimes toxic. All under the formidable shadow of Gulaga, Mother Mountain. Deftly incorporating Judaism and Aboriginal beliefs, director Celina Stang’s semi-autobiographical film portrays Selene, mother of pre-teen Shani and little Marco, and husband Dean, as they settle into a […]

Robert Eggers’ Viking Revenge Tale ‘The Northman’

A Viking tale of revenge that is packed with lore, mystical visions, brutal violence, and a touch of romance to balance it all out. The latest film by director Robert Eggers (The Witch and The Lighthouse) sees him exploring his most expansive tale to date. The Northman follows Prince Amleth (Alexander Skarsgård), a young Viking prince […]

When The Cameras Stopped Rolling – A Documentary By Coogee Local

When The Cameras Stopped Rolling is a documentary which delves into the career of trail blazing filmmaker Lilias Fraser who was born in 1930 and tragically died in 2004. A Coogee local Fraser directed 40 films during her career and was one of the few women directors of those early years to break into a man’s world […]

Abortion drama ‘The Happening’ is a deeply moving film

Set in post-World War Two France, The Happening tells the story of Anne, a promising student of literature who has no redress in her unwanted pregnancy. She tries a number of ways to end the pregnancy, leading to betrayal and humiliating episodes: the trusted doctor who prescribes shots that actually strengthen the foetus, the pal who […]

The Good Boss

From Spain comes The Good Boss, a comedy which can best be described as a corporate satire. Set over a week, the story centers on Julio Blanco (Javier Bardem) the owner of a scale factory who unashamedly meddles in the business of his employees because he believes that what his workers do may reflect on […]

Farewell, Mr Haffmann

The historical WWII drama - Farewell, Mr Haffmann - is set during the German occupation of Paris in 1941 when Jews were being rounded up and mercilessly transported to concentration camps. The film doesn’t concentrate on the atrocities being committed to these communities but revolves around three characters and how their decision to defy the […]

Maybe Someday, a melancholic non-binary road trip film

The quietly composed film Maybe Someday follows Jay, a photographer recently separated from her wife, on a journey away from her old life and towards a new and unmapped path in Los Angeles. On the way, she visits a high school friend, once (and perhaps still) a BFF, and a divorced mother Jess. In a sense, […]