Brilliant Anime Belle Reimagines Beauty & The Beast

Japanese filmmakers are indisputably world leaders in the production of anime features and Belle sits alongside Spirited Away and Summer Wars as a brilliantly animated and imaginative piece of filmmaking. Produced by Academy Award-nominated Mamoru Hosoda and Studio Chizu, Belle is the remarkable re-imagining of the French tale Beauty And The Beast, interest and originality […]

Flickerfest Festival to screen over 200 films despite industry’s hardest year

BY LUCINDA GARBUTT-YOUNG Bondi Beach’s annual short film festival, Flickerfest, will ring in its 31st year with over 200 works.  This year’s event will run from Friday, January 21 until Sunday, January 30, 2022.  Beginning as a local event in 1991, Flickerfest is now a popular debut festival for Australian and international films alike. It’s […]

King Richard, the man behind Venus & Serena Williams

Sports films can often be derided for being over formulaic & contrived, much like the subject matter of King Richard (Richard Williams) often was during the rise of the undisputed greatest female tennis players ever - Venus & Serena Williams. Portrayed by Will Smith this film follows Richard Williams, & his famous daughters, throughout their […]

Bergman Island

REVIEWED BY PATRICK MCKENZIE “There’s a world outside of your own asshole,” the groom-to-be tells Amy (Mia Wasikowska), a friend of the bridge at the fictional wedding set on the very real island of Fårö, the final home of revered filmmaker Ingmar Bergman – and the setting of Chris’ (Vicky Krieps) new screenplay where Amy […]

‘I’m Wanita’ Australian country music documentary

Making it big in the music industry is not quite as easy as it may seem as 47-year-old Aussie Country singer Wanita, also known as Australia’s Queen of Honky Tonk, discovered. This inspiring documentary won the Best Australian Documentary Award at the Sydney Film Festival and will be screening in cinemas. Audiences will be introduced […]

Licorice Pizza

REVIEWED BY PATRICK MCKENZIE In what seems to be an emerging oeuvre of films borne from writer-director nostalgia and set in turn-of-the-Old-Hollywood Los Angeles, Licorice Pizza, Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest feature, sits comfortably alongside the likes of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in both relaxed ambience and charm. On one level, it tells the […]

The Worst Person In The World

REVIEWED BY PATRICK MCKENZIE The Worst Person In The World, the Cannes Best Actress-winning film about Julie, aged almost- 30, experiencing the fraught relationships, and veritable vicissitudes of life in modern-day Oslo could be seen to be trite, cliched, or tired – only it isn’t. Joachim Trier’s attempt at packaging the ennui, disillusionment and glaring […]

Warm up the vocal chords for ‘Sing 2’

It comes as no surprise that a sequel has spawned from 2016’s family animated flick Sing considering the huge profits Universal Pictures accrued upon its cinematic release. The gang are back this time attempting to audition for a major production that could catapult their careers in show business. But is this as easy as it […]

Alliance Française French Film Festival Announces 2022 Dates

The world’s largest French film festival outside of France is set to return to Australia, presenting the crème-de-la-crème of contemporary French cinema from March 1, 2022. The upcoming cinematic showcase will celebrate the next generation of filmmakers creating a new blueprint for French cinema. Teasing a niche line-up rife with glamour, black comedy, romance and history. […]

Take another red pill with The Matrix: Resurrections

It's time to once again re-enter The Matrix.  Some 20 years after the first film in The Matrix trilogy shattered the collective psyche with its red vs blue pill conundrum we once again see Keanu Reeves returning to the role of Thomas Anderson/Neo. This time around Thomas is back in the "real world" living out […]