Spiral: From The Book Of Saw

Helmed by Chris Rock Spiral: From The Book Of Saw is the ninth iteration in the Saw film series and looks to act as a soft reboot/offshoot of the franchise. At the core of the film's story is Detective Ezekiel 'Zeke' Banks (Chris Rock) as he tracks, and attempts to apprehend, a Jigsaw copycat murderer […]


When someone says the words ‘art film,’ something like EMA should come to mind: A colourful, arresting visual aesthetic, freewheeling sequences in which dance substitutes dialogue, and a constant sense of unabated sensuality. The film is a psychodrama about the eponymous character, a contemporary dancer, reckoning with both her divorce from the director of her […]

Finding You

Audiences should not be surprised if, shortly after the film has commenced, they get a nagging feeling that they’ve seen all this before. It’s the story of Finley Sinclair (Rose Reid), a young American student who, after failing her violin audition to gain entrance into music school, flies off to Ireland and predictably meets Beckett […]

Those Who Wish Me Dead

This movie is a fast action-packed and nail-biting suspense thriller that should have audiences at the edge of their seats from beginning to end! The synopsis is simplistic where two assassins attempt to hunt down and kill a young teenager who was witness to his father’s murder. Lost in the Montana wilderness he entrusts a […]

June Again

With dementia themed films Father and Supernova doing good business in cinemas, Australian dramedy June Again is set for release and should prove to be popular viewing for all audiences. Noni Hazlehurst shines as June, an elderly woman who had a stroke which led to vascular dementia. After five years in a nursing home, she […]

De Gaulle

Based on true events, this exquisitely produced biographical war drama should be of great interest to enthusiasts of films in this genre. After the military collapse of France in the summer of 1940 Charles de Gaulle, a French army officer, was instrumental in creating a successful movement for the continuation of warfare against Germany. France […]


After a promising start, audiences may believe that what lies ahead is captivating and enjoyable, however, disappointment soon sets in as the film deteriorates into a shameful embarrassment that should have been released straight to DVD. Michael Caine plays the role of an ex-art dealer who runs a den with young thieves in this modern […]

First Cow

This style of film should excite high-profile critics and also conduct relatively good box office in small arthouse cinemas however, the film may ultimately fail financially as the all-important mainstream audiences will steer away. First Cow is set in 1820 and begins with two men meeting in the wilderness of the Oregon Country. Cookie is […]


The courageous story of a middle-aged woman who relocates into isolated tribal lands amongst the mountains in Wyoming disassociating herself from society completely should prove to be a rewarding cinematic experience for all audiences who enjoy a good human drama. Robin Wright portrays Edee a middle-aged woman who tells her therapist, “it’s really hard to […]

Mortal Kombat Almost Achieves Flawless Victory

The team behind Mortal Kombat may not have achieved a flawless victory but they certainly packed a punch. Video game movie adaptations don't have the greatest track record but over recent years we appear to be heading in a much more positive direction with the genre. Following in the wake of the success seen by  […]