Boss Level

A time looping action flick which takes inspiration from the likes of Groundhog Day, Happy Death Day, Palm Springs & various video games. Boss Level follows Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo), a retired special forces soldier who must survive through the day as a series of assassins attempt to murder him & prevent him from saving […]

Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train

Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, the feature-length sequel to the rapturously popular anime series of the same name, delivers powerful emotional highs and an impressive visual style that will engage both longtime fans and newcomers alike. Picking up right where the 2019 series left off, the film follows the exploits of teenage demon slayers Tanjiro, Zenitsu, […]


High aspirations in attempting to achieve feasible goals in life are explored in this bitter-sweet 80s family rural drama which ultimately shatters the ideology of the American dream. When Jacob, a Korean-American man, makes the life-changing decision to relocate his family to Arkansas with the intention of establishing a farm growing Korean produce, he comes […]

The Truffle Hunters

Who would’ve thought that a film aimed at a very niche market which follows the day-to-day activities of elderly Italian truffle hunters and their dogs could have been such insightful and enjoyable entertainment! Truffles are incredibly rare strong-smelling underground fungi and are one of the most prized food ingredients in the world. They resemble irregular, […]

The Little Things

An impressive cast lead by three Academy Award-winning actors is unfortunately not enough to save Writer/Director John Lee Hancock’s crime thriller The Little Things from its confused direction and hackneyed use of metaphor – despite a suitably brooding atmosphere. The premise is classic: Disgraced and exiled former L.A. detective John ‘Deke’ Deacon (Denzel Washington) returns […]

A Writer’s Odyssey

From China comes this drama action-fantasy blockbuster which is destined to mesmerise enthusiasts of this style of film. Incorporating visually stunning CGI, the story centers on a man who in the real world is searching for his daughter who was kidnapped six years earlier. In another time and place, a man has embarked on a […]

Jewish Film Festival 2021

The Jewish Film Festival returns to the big screen this year, with a program that includes Australian premieres of 50 films and three series from 19 countries, split equally between Israeli and diaspora productions. “From deeply personal documentaries on the trailblazers who changed the world, to touching true stories illuminating the untold stories from our […]

Escape From Extinction

This prize-winning documentary from American Humane, the United States’ first national humane organisation, opens with some dire statistics: The planet is entering its sixth mass extinction event. The United Nations says that one million species of the eight million on earth face the risk of extinction. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren, this remarkable […]

Long Story Short

It’s been a great year thus far for Aussie flicks, but this hilarious comedy should prove to be a crowd-pleaser capturing the hearts of all audiences! Long Story Short is basically a comedic cautionary tale that resonates the importance of spending quality time with family and friends, as time flies by quickly and the past […]

The Witch Of Kings Cross

The story of Rosaleen Norton, later known as the Witch Of Kings Cross in this eponymous doco, is an impressive blend of social history, shock-horror and solid filmmaking. Norton thought herself a witch, and after a privileged upbringing fled to 1950s Kings Cross and enrolled at what is now the National Art School. Her exhibitions […]