Books & Talks

Frankie Pants & Mr Fox

Helen Lear, a passionate children’s book author tells a heart warming tale of a lazy neighbourhood cat who transforms into a modern day hero, Frankie Pants who at the stroke of midnight must save the neighbourhood from the devious Mr Fox. Inspired by her family’s beloved late cat Frankie, who used to laze around and […]

In Conversation With Margaret Atwood

Proclaimed author of The Handmaid’s Tale and over 50 other works, Margaret Atwood will make her way to Australia this weekend to celebrate the publication of The Testaments, a Booker Prize winning sequel to her 1985 novel that has become an Emmy Award-winning television show. In the sequel, Atwood begins answering the questions of readers […]

James Smith – Live & Uncensored

James Smith doesn’t mince words when he talks about fitness. The outspoken, expletive-happy, no-punches-pulled personal trainer got so fed up with the commercial, sensationalised industry that fitness had become that he had to speak up - loudly. The Brit, who now lives in Bondi, gained fame via social media and YouTube, and now he’s going […]

REVIEW: Aaron Patrick – The Surprise Party

If Labor had read this book there would have been no need for an internal inquiry into how and why they lost the election because Aaron Patrick tells us in The Surprise Party how the coalition snatched victory from the jaws of chaos. Blow by blow accounts of both sides leading up to the election […]

BOOK REVIEW: Penny Wong – Passion And Principle by Margaret Simons

Author Margaret Simons sure set herself a high bar when she took on the biography of Labor politician Penny Wong, as despite giving interviews for the book, Penny Wong - Passion and Principle, Wong kept her cards close throughout. The title is apt as passion and power are the two overriding traits that come through as Simons […]

The Mark And Evette Moran Nib Literary Award 2019

With great pleasure Riff Raff was asked to attend the Nib Awards Breakfast at Bondi RSL on Wed Nov 14. The Nib Awards are the only awards given out for research and the writing process itself rather than just for the finished product. It’s an annual event, sponsored by Mark and Evette Moran along with Waverley […]

REVIEW: The Prince – Faith, Abuse and George Pell

David Marr’s third update of his 2013 The Prince: Faith, Abuse and George Pell leaves no room for doubt on Pell’s guilt. The book now opens with the disgraced cardinal being sent down to Melbourne’s city prison, leaving behind him a litany of lives wrecked by his own hands, those of his colleagues and by […]

REVIEW: Inside The Greens

Paddy Manning’s Inside The Greens is a detailed history and examination of Australia’s longest and most successful third political party. Meticulously researched and informed by impeccable sources both within and outside the party, Manning takes us through the formative years of Australia’s environmental movement through to the birth of the Australian Greens in 1992, spurred on […]

REVIEW: Blood Territory

Ever since Serial, the podcast world has been blitzed by one crime mystery series after another, each attempting to replicate a formula while also distinguishing itself from the others. It’s getting harder to do, and the bandwagon is creaking under the weight. It’s this sentiment of fatigue that may make crime and podcast fans hesitant […]

BOOK REVIEW: Don Walker – Songs

For more than 40 years Don Walker’s songs have been imprinted into our collective DNA as if our very souls have been permeated by a giant earworm. With the release of his new book Songs Walker has put some of his considerable songwriting output into a 304 page compendium that shows his strengths as a […]