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Bryan Brown pens new crime novel, Sweet Jimmy

By Jarrod Wolfhunter Australian screen legend, and national treasure, Bryan Brown (AM), has written an outstanding crime novel that is set in and around Sydney, titled, Sweet Jimmy. Sweet Jimmy involves seven vivid individual short-stories that are, at-times, very disturbing, but always, very difficult to put down. Brown admits that crime novels have always been […]

Addi Road Writer’s Festival 2021

Aspiring writers in the Inner West of Sydney are about to have an annual literary and storytelling event right on their doorstep. Thanks to the fine folks over at the Addison Road Community Organisation this event will act as an unofficial fringe festival and creative alternative to the Sydney Writers Festival. The festival's inaugural event […]

Gerdette Rooney’s Womadic Wanders

Gerdette Rooney is an intrepid traveller of the nomadic kind, hence the title of her newly published book, Womadic Wanders. It’s a book that details Gerdette’s many adventures and tales of wanderlust from many different countries. These are not the usual countries that are generally criss-crossed by students during a gap year or by tourists […]

In The Time Of Foxes: A Conversation With Jo Lennan & Pip Smith

Harry Hartog Booksellers have been facilitating events on Zoom between writers in a weekly series called, Conversation With Harry Hartog. On Thursday, May 7, we sat in on a conversation between writer and musician Pip Smith and author Jo Lennan. Jo Lennan is the author of In The Time Of Foxes, her first book, a […]

Mother’s Day Curated Book List

As we learn to navigate this world of social distancing, one thing is certain, the power of a good book. Harry Hartog have adapted their service of recommending books to people in their stores to a digital platform, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere and just in time for Mother’s Day. ​Gift your Mum a […]

Malcolm Turnbull In Conversation With Annabel Crabb

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and respected journalist Annabel Crabb will be live streaming an in conversation on The Sydney Writer's Festival Facebook page at 7pm, April 27. This will mark the first event in the new digital programming for the Sydney Writers Festival. Malcom Turnbull is set to discuss his new and already controversial […]

Audiobooks That Will Stop Your Little Ones Whining About Being Stuck Indoors

Parents across Australia, and indeed the world, are having a hard time of it right now. Many are required to work from home while also keeping their children out of school and daycare. And frankly, some of us are being driven mad. We don’t want to give our kids too much screen time, but we […]

BOOK REVIEW: Palely Loitering by Hugh Patrick O’Keefe

Not many self published books ever get beyond the box in which they were delivered in, but piano player Hugh O’Keefe’s account of growing up gay in the 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond, the demand has a been so great another 500 copies have been printed. Always accepting of his own homosexuality, O’Keefe’s journey through […]

Frankie Pants & Mr Fox

Helen Lear, a passionate children’s book author tells a heart warming tale of a lazy neighbourhood cat who transforms into a modern day hero, Frankie Pants who at the stroke of midnight must save the neighbourhood from the devious Mr Fox. Inspired by her family’s beloved late cat Frankie, who used to laze around and […]

In Conversation With Margaret Atwood

Proclaimed author of The Handmaid’s Tale and over 50 other works, Margaret Atwood will make her way to Australia this weekend to celebrate the publication of The Testaments, a Booker Prize winning sequel to her 1985 novel that has become an Emmy Award-winning television show. In the sequel, Atwood begins answering the questions of readers […]