City – Country – Creativity

Three long-term friends with different artistic backgrounds have joined together for this special exhibition, which may be the last to be held at the Culture At Work Accelerator Gallery as group of historic cottages have recently been sold. This exhibition will celebrate the very varied art of three friends who have known each other since […]

REVIEW: Captain Cook Cruises

On a recent cruise aboard Captain Cook’s newly refurbished Sydney 2000, a group of young influencer-looking types sashayed into the Harbour Bar, dressed in casual expensiveness. Nearby an older couple, seated beside the floor-to-ceiling windows, were enjoying the view and the treat of an upcoming harbour cruise. Pre-COVID, a cruise around Sydney Harbour might have […]

Daniel O’Toole – Deliquescent Light

Melbourne-based multimedia artist Daniel O'Toole is currently displaying his new exhibition, Deliquescent Light, at Curatorial+Co in Redfern. For Deliquescent Light, O’Toole immerses audiences in a field of colour and sound, with 13 paintings, three video works and a custom created soundtrack informed by synaesthesia to enhance the exhibition and the way the audience experiences colour. Daniel O’Toole works across a […]

Tin Sheds – Thresholds

The Tin Sheds Gallery in Darlington is currently playing host to an exhibition of collaborative work produced by local artists Julia Davis and Lisa Jones. Their works, entitled Thresholds, explore the ideas of transience and place through large-scale drawings , photographs and video installations. Thresholds invites visitors to Tin Sheds to reimagine the built environment […]

Richard Walker – Illuminated

If you haven’t heard the term “light painting,” you are in good company. Balmain photographer Richard Walker says he finds himself “spending a lot of time explaining” the art form he has spent several years exploring, returning to his passion for photography after a career in television directing. There are two components to his exhibit […]

Silent Bingo

The iconic Town And Country in St Peters was first opened in 1881, in all those years many legends have walked through the door. In 1980, Australian country legend, Slim Dusty penned the song A Beer With Duncan that included the line 'We drink at the Town And Country, Where the atmosphere is great'. In 2021 […]

Gerdette Rooney’s Womadic Wanders

Gerdette Rooney is an intrepid traveller of the nomadic kind, hence the title of her newly published book, Womadic Wanders. It’s a book that details Gerdette’s many adventures and tales of wanderlust from many different countries. These are not the usual countries that are generally criss-crossed by students during a gap year or by tourists […]

The Future Is Humanity

This past year has taught us more than ever that we as human beings are a unique species with a unique spiritual and emotional connection to everything around us. At the end of this month Sullivan+Strumpf gallery is bringing together a group of artists to showcase just this through their works. In the new COVID/post-COVID […]

Summer Nights At The Australian Museum

Although we're all concerned with the current COVID-19 outbreak sweeping the city we are still able to get out and enjoy the longer and warming evenings. And luckily for us the revamp Australian Museum (AM) has some fantastic COVID-safe events to enjoy during he summer months. Every Thursday night the museum have a number of […]

Newtown Art Seat Launch

The Newtown Art Seat, a cylindrical installation about 1.5m in diameter, was launched in the public square where Australia Street meets King Street in Newtown. Inscribed on the cylinder is a long poem by local poet Lynne Fairy called Postcards From Australia Street 2010-2016, which Lynne performed standing on the cylinder’s circular seat that provides as […]