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Sci-Fi Film Fest 2021

Beam me up Scotty! The 12th Sci-Fi Film Festival has finally arrived in Sydney and lovers of quality science fiction and fantasy films should be delighted with the curated program. Owing to the ongoing COVID-19 lockdowns and the uncertainty as to whether cinemas would be reopened in time to host this film festival, it was […]


As the last white dove is released and the lingering strains of John Farnham’s That’s Freedom reverberate through the playlists of commercial radio, we can put so called ‘Freedom Day’ to bed and get ready for the largely abnormal return to pseudo normalcy – if that makes sense. Looking back on the months of lockdown we […]

‘Come From Away’ Re-Opening

The show that has been enchanting audiences finally reopens in Sydney now that the COVID-19 lockdown has been lifted. This musical is based around the events which followed 9/11 when 38 passenger jets on their way across the Atlantic on September 11 were diverted, to a small Canadian town on the Island of Newfoundland called […]

Korean Film Festival 2021

The Korean Film Festival returns to the big screen this year, with a program of 22 of the finest films from small arthouse films to action packed thrillers. Francis Lee, Festival Programmer, explained that Korean films are produced by world standard high-quality filmmakers and have such a distinctive character compared to those from Hollywood or […]

Interview With Tom Waller: Director of ‘The Cave’

Film Director Tom Waller gives an insightful interview about the making of his new film The Cave, the true story of the incredible rescue mission of a young soccer team, who became trapped in a flooded cave at Tham Luang in Chiang Rai, North Thailand in 2018. WHAT WAS THE THOUGHT PROCESS IN PRODUCING A […]

2018 Thai cave rescue comes to the big screen in ‘The Cave’

In 2018 the real-life rescue of a young soccer team in the Tham Luang cave in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand made headlines all over the world and now the first film produced depicting the gruelling rescue mission is available to watch on digital platforms. Soon after the announcement was made; “We have a problem… some […]

Dominic Breen finds power in admitting vulnerability on debut album

BY TESSA PELLE Achingly tender and raw, Dominic Breen’s debut album Blue Volume is a cinematic experience that tells of mid 20’s angst, love and heartbreak. Written before the global pandemic had begun, Blue Volume encapsulates universal feelings of isolation and connectedness amongst the uncertainty of young adulthood. “It is kind of weird now that COVID […]

Rude waiters bad table service, Karen’s Diner is definitely memorable

BY KATELYN MILLIGAN It’s everything a restaurant shouldn’t be, with rude waiters and terrible table service – Karen’s Diner is sure to be a memorable experience. Enjoy the tongue-in-cheek style restaurant where diners will be served by angry Karens in Sydney’s latest experience launching on October 30 in World Square. Viral Ventures is the company […]

Sydney artist Florian prepares for “unapologetic pop” shows

BY ASTON BROWN Sydney’s Synth pop artist Florian has released her latest track Seventeen as she waits eagerly to perform live once again. Seventeen is the third instalment in Florian’s latest EP following Yours And Mine and Patrick Swayze that were realised earlier this year, each featuring a nostalgic and refreshing hit of 70s & […]


Whether it’s Big Brother, The Voice, The Bachelor, Australia’s Got Talent or Survivor, we live in the age of the globally franchised television show. If it works in Denmark, Bulgaria and the USA then our local TV networks are keen to capitalise on a home grown version. That’s the familiar and horribly predictable modus operandi […]