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REVIEW: Haute Couture

Haute Couture, a film written and produced by Sylvie Ohyon, starring Nathalie Baye and Lyna Khoudri, about trust, faith and mutual respect. It’s also a gem of a film for women and about women. It is the men who blend into the background. The film gently explores the racial divide in France through the Haves […]

REVIEW: My Sweet Monster

My Sweet Monster is a Russian-made animation dubbed into English (American) which explains why the lip-syncing is so off. Alas, if only that was its only fault. This confused tale about a princess who flees into the forest to escape an unwanted marriage is highly derivative, convoluted, and not particularly well animated. There’s enough colour, […]

Joining The Dots Theatre presents ‘Relativity’ by Mark St Germaine

The theory of relativity is the theory of light connecting time and space. Essentially it’s the theory of gravity. Albert Einstein’s theory was that gravity warps space creating thermal energy as it does so. Interesting then that Joining The Dots Theatre Company has decided to present Mark St Germain’s Relativity, play about Einstein, at a time when […]

REVIEW: Karen’s Diner Top Ryde

I am not going to lie, walking into Karen's Diner, which is reputed to have the worst customer service in the city, can be nerve-wracking. After several minutes of nervous pacing and scrolling through the reservation confirmation with clammy hands, a Karen turned to serve me. Rolling eyes and sass made up most of her […]

REVIEW: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Of the three Brontë sisters, Anne was reputedly the most defiant and unruly. When her second novel, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, was published in 1848, it was so scandalous that elder sister, Charlotte, banned it from republication for several years after Anne’s death. Of course, scandal in the mid-1800s had a much lower barrier […]


It’s a common weekend sight in greater Sydney and throughout regional NSW - steam train enthusiasts gathering to drool over lovingly restored locomotives from a bygone era. Both kids and adults alike pack out the regular steam train excursions, travelling in beautifully refurbished vintage carriages. Whilst there is an ongoing love affair with the romance […]

REVIEW: M.Rock hits all the right comedic & musical beats

The Australian Theatre for Young People’s (ATYP) remounting of Lachlan Philpott’s M.Rock hits all the right comical and musical beats. The hilarious play debuted in 2014 to enthusiastic reviews, and it returns with the much-lauded Valerie Bader reprising the title role. M.Rock is the whirlwind story of impetuous, 18-year-old Tracy (Milena Barraclough Nesic) who goes […]

Call goes out for new wave of Job Coaches

Asuria is seeking staff to help people find meaningful employment There’s a new employment services provider coming to town, aiming to transform the lives of Sydneysiders, and they’re looking for City Hub readers to join them. Asuria has been helping people to reach their job and career goals for over 25 years, and from July, […]

REVIEW: Bonnie & Clyde – The Most Wanted Show In Town!

The Tony-nominated musical Bonnie & Clyde hits the stage and promises to be the most entertaining and original show currently playing in Sydney. Bringing Bonnie & Clyde to the stage may have been deemed as a financial risk for the producers for two reasons. Would Australian audiences warm to a theatrical production concerning two murderous […]

Sydney’s New 91-Kilometre Walking Trail

Ever wanted to walk from the Sydney Opera House all the way to Parramatta whilst taking in the views of our iconic Sydney Harbour? Well if the NSW Government's $60 million Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link project goes ahead you will be able to do just that. The 91-kilometre walk will reimagine Sydney & Parramatta […]