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Rain Beau’s End

This is a low-budget independent film that highlights the challenges experienced by a lesbian couple in raising an adopted child who suffers from Jacob’s Syndrome, which is the presence of an extra ‘Y’ chromosome ('XYY') in males. This condition commonly evokes aggression and violent outbreaks. The film explores how Beau’s behavioural issues accelerate between the […]

Sydney Theatre Company Granted ‘100% Capacity’ Exemption

Sydney Theatre Company venues have been granted an exemption which allows them to return to 100% capacity by NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard. The news comes almost exactly one year after the industry was forced to shutter all performance spaces die to COVID-19. The exemption comes into effect just in time for the current season […]


The Ensemble’s new play Outdated explores the shock of suddenly being single in middle age and having to expose oneself in the dating market. Writer Mark Kilmurry, Ensemble’s resident Artistic Director, writes: “After years of someone knowing your good and bad sides you are having to prove yourself with someone new.” The play explores how […]


It’s not hard to see why at least two of the world’s richest men, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk have turned their attention to the heavens and the conquest of space. After all when massive estates, million dollar artworks and gargantuan yachts no longer appeal where else is there to blow your billions? The colonisation […]

REVIEW: The Big Bake

If you’re looking for a chance to showcase the baking skills you honed in social isolation then The Big Bake is the baking class – with a bit of competitive edge – for you! Viral Ventures, the masterminds behind other Sydney experiences such as Bumper Cars On Ice, Beyond Cinema, and The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party […]

French Film Festival

People who would like an escape from these challenging times are invited to purchase their ‘travel tickets’ to this film festival and be transported in mind to French-speaking worlds as the lights dim in cinemas. For 32 years this festival has ignited our interest in French culture, its popularity escalating and last year being crowned […]

Midnight Drags – Bad Business

Melbourne rocker Midnight Drags is set to drop their latest album, Bad Business, tomorrow and it is overflowing personality and rock goodness. Bad Business is far from that as it delivers classic rock elements fused with glam-rock, and pop-rock all with a modern twist. For fans of bands such as Cheap Trick, Catfish And The […]

The Smith Street Band

With all of the restrictions that have been imposed on live music performance we as the general public have had to come to terms with the changes, but we are not alone. The bands and artists that are performing during this period are also coming to terms with what this means for the atmosphere and […]

Boss Level

A time looping action flick which takes inspiration from the likes of Groundhog Day, Happy Death Day, Palm Springs & various video games. Boss Level follows Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo), a retired special forces soldier who must survive through the day as a series of assassins attempt to murder him & prevent him from saving […]

REVIEW: Magic Mike Live

Imagine this, two best friends of 15 years, 200+ screaming toey women, and about 30 men in a crowd watching a sweaty, ab popping reincarnation of Magic Mike! As a dancer off 25 years I spectical on the quality of dancing! Let me tell you I was blown away! Choreographed by the gorgeous and talented […]