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Carriageworks Receives Reprieve

One of Sydney's foremost arts institutions, Carriageworks, looks set to emerge from the ashes like a phoenix following a last minute reprieve.  Back in May the institution went into voluntary administration after being hit hard by COVID-19 and suffering a "significant reduction in revenue streams'. At the time the organisation owed over $2 million to […]

Wing Defence – Friends

Adelaide's hottest musical duo Wing Defence have arrived on the scene with a banger of a debut EP. Friends is a punchy six track offering of bubblegum pop-rock with a distinctly Aussie flair. Throughout the EP the duo of Skye Walter and Paige Court tackle themes surrounding politics, alcoholism, the much needed support of friends, […]


The pressures for teenagers to achieve and prosper in every avenue are accentuated in this powerful and well-executed psychological drama. Tyler is an 18-year-old student who strives for perfection in his chosen sport of wrestling. He comes from a well-respected family and his well-intentioned but domineering father demands that he should strive to be beyond […]

Winter Warning To Pet Owners

While we've all been confined to our own homes it can be easy to overlook some of the simplest health management measure. These measures are not just confined to us but also relate to our furry friends, in particular paralysis ticks and flea prevention for cats and dogs. Leading veterinarians are urging Australian pet owners […]


It was a sullen faced Sonya Kruger who told Channel 7 viewers last week that the Big Brother house had been placed in a COVID-19 lockdown, with all activities suspended. A member of the production crew had apparently tested positive and the plug had been temporarily pulled on one of the network’s top rating show […]

Who Locked The Pets Up

By Rida Babar During the COVID-19 lockdowns one good thing that came about was pets and pet owners being able to spend more time together. However, the time has come when most owners are returning to work and are dealing with the major question: how to prepare their furry friends for business as usual? As […]

Palaye Royale – The Bastards

With track titles such as Anxiety, Lonely, Fucking With My Head and Masochist the listener is immediately clued into what Palaye Royale are aiming for with their new record, The Bastards.  The band not only delivers on those preconceived ideas but they take them to new heights as the songs perfectly capture the emotions and […]

A White, White Day

The Scandinavian hit at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival should prove quite popular among discerning art house audiences as mainstream film audiences ponder what all the fuss is about. This puzzling thriller centers on an elderly policeman (Ingvar Sigurdsson) who is coming to terms with his wife’s passing. He learns that she was unfaithful prior […]

Grace Farriss

Grace Farriss is an upcoming Sydney artist who has just released her debut single All The People, a “funky fireball of a track” with symbolic meaning to celebrate the interconnection between the diversity which shapes the world. All The People was recorded and produced by Tony Buchen, and mastered by Leon Zervos, known for his […]

Accessible Arts – Access-orise

NSW’s top arts and disability organisation, Accessible Arts is launching an online workshop to help various organisations connect with and support people with disabilities in relation to online content and services. Accessible Arts upskills up to 1000 people yearly through its disability training programs, which now includes the online Disability Confidence Training workshop, which has […]