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Childcare spending under scrutiny in City’s biggest budget

This month's City of Sydney council meeting revealed that the Lord Mayor Clove Moore had moved to cut $22 million previously allocated for spending on childcare from the council's 2014-2015 budget. A 2013 report produced by the City showed a gap of 3104 in the number of places needed to meet the current demand for […]

Pirrama Park set to become more spinclusive

The City of Sydney council has abandoned its plans to erect a Liberty Swing in Pirrama Park after an expert report commissioned by council found that its installation would not make the park ‘accessible,’ as initially projected. City News first reported last year that a Pyrmont community group, consisting of local businesses and residents, had […]

Neighbourhood Parking Policy approved

Following public exhibition in 2013, the motion for the adoption of the Neighbourhood Parking Policy was carried at the City of Sydney council meeting on Monday, May 12. The final version of the policy comes after Council resolved to review its parking policies in October, 2012, with the intent of adopting a consistent policy that […]

One man’s waste is another man’s gas

This week, the City of Sydney council passed the Draft Advanced Waste Treatment Master Plan, which will now go on display for public exhibition. The waste treatment plan is part of a suite of master plans focusing on energy efficiency, renewable energy, trigeneration and decentralised water. Both the Trigeneration and Renewable Energy Master Plans were […]

Art flows for Pyrmont Festival of Wine, Food and Art

This year marks the fourth annual Pyrmont Festival of Wine, Food and Art and is set to offer the best of the country in the city. For 10 days from May 16-25, more than 150 Mudgee wines and fine foods will be up for sampling in Pirrama Park and surrounding establishments, with the festival aiming […]

Sustaining Sydney’s culture: rhetoric or reinvigorating?

By now, many people will be familiar with the City of Sydney's Sustainable Sydney 2030 initiative. At the next Council meeting on Monday, May 12, another phase of the initiative will be put before the table. But, what exactly is it and what does it hope to achieve? Sustainable Sydney 2030 provides a strategic framework and vision […]

What’s next after Millers Point?

Following the recent decision by the NSW government to sell off the Millers Point housing commission units, community members and local councillors alike are raising the question that’s on everyone’s minds. What will be next on the chopping block? Sydney City Greens Councillor Irene Doutney believes that by looking at the rationale behind the Millers […]

Rats won’t take the bait

Darlinghurst residents in Little Surrey street are contesting building works and a development application proposed by popular jaunt, Beach Burrito Co., which also has branches across the inner west and eastern suburbs. In January of last year, Beach Burrito Darlinghurst carried out illegal works by demolishing a garage at the back of the property, and […]

New name, no love

As part of a recent change in direction, the Darlinghurst Business Partnership has reclaimed its original name. The DBP, previously known as the 2010 Business Partnership, told City News the change in name would serve as a reminder of where they had come from and the history behind the group. Its president, Stephan Gyory, adopted […]

Top secret stages light up the night

‘Secret’ performances by big names in international music would be enabled under a City of Sydney plan to encourage touring artists to collaborate with local musicians. The Live Music and Performance Action Plan calls on the council to work with the immigration department, promoters and venues to create greater flexibility. The report says it is […]