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Addi Road Writers’ Festival 2021 – Disruption, Idealism, Promise

By Mark Mordue The inaugural Addi Road Writers’ Festival announced itself as ‘An Unruly Idea’. Our slogan captured an undercurrent of idealistic disruption that charged the day with energy, marking out the nature of what will now be an annual event. Festival t-shirts sold like hot cakes, flagging our unruly manifesto beneath the artist Satyr’s image […]

Ulster American

David Ireland's biting play, Ulster American, is coming to the Seymour Centre. Directed by Shane Anthony the play deals with such themes as misogyny, lust for power and intolerance. Harriet Gordon Anderson who plays Ruth, an Irish playwright with an axe to grind, said that she sees her character as “uncompromising and brutal but honest.” […]


When someone says the words ‘art film,’ something like EMA should come to mind: A colourful, arresting visual aesthetic, freewheeling sequences in which dance substitutes dialogue, and a constant sense of unabated sensuality. The film is a psychodrama about the eponymous character, a contemporary dancer, reckoning with both her divorce from the director of her […]

Reg Mombassa – Simplisticism III: Shadowland

Reg Mombassa's 24th exhibition, Simplicistism III: Shadowland contains his iconic cartoon-like imagery with distinct sardonic tones that harken to our seemingly dystopian, surveillance reality. Characterised by his emblematic Robot with Australian FJ Holden grill as mouthpiece, this exhibition talks to both domestic and global political themes like, economics, climate change, the pandemic, alpha-male egocentricity, totalitarianism vs. democracy, […]

From Sydney To Stardom: Imogen Clark Set To Release EP ‘Bastards’

Homegrown singer-songwriter Imogen Clark is set to release her second EP, Bastards on May 21. A follow-up to her first EP, The Making of Me, Clark’s unique indie-pop-rock tunes are sure to have heads turning. She will also be gracing the Low 302 in Surry Hills with a residency, performing every Tuesday night in May, […]

REVIEW: Schapelle, Schapelle – The Musical

Sydney University’s Manning Theatre was a very clever choice for Schapelle, Schapelle - The Musical. A place for educated, learned people, looking down on those without the same opportunities becomes the theme of this very black comedy. In this case, however, the educated ones are the journalists falling all over themselves to get the scoop […]

Effie – Hello, Good Thanks, Better Out Than In

Effie Stephanidis (Maria Coustas) is one of our most loved comedians. The star of Wogs Out Of Work and Acropolis Now is returning to the stage with a show that reflects on the times in which we live and actually brings out the funny side. Is there a funny side in these dark times? Well if we […]

The United States vs Billie Holiday

In The United States vs Billie Holiday, Andra Day’s impassioned performance as the titular character proves to be the saviour of an otherwise scattered and disjointed film. It’s evident that Lee Daniels, in his first feature directorial effort since 2013s The Butler, had a bold vision for Billie Holiday: A frenetic biopic of a legendary […]

Schapelle, Schapelle – The Musical

Schapelle, Schapelle - The Musical? Yes you read that right. Somebody finally put the infamy surrounding Schapelle Corby’s story to music and all one has to do is hear the double barrelled title to shake with anticipation. Really though, this show is fictionalised and has much to do with the media frenzy that swallowed up […]

The Museum Of Self Love

The world’s first physical Museum Of Self Love is coming to Sydney this weekend - with pop-up locations in Bondi, Manly and the University of Sydney. The roaming museum from The Body Shop features intimate objects which convey the self-love stories of 12 inspiring Australians, including  Abbie Chatfield, Clementine Ford, Chantelle Otten, Deni Todorovic and Allira […]