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Hammers – Homeblokes

Though the album is overwhelmingly heavy it is mixed through with subtle variation. Slow and warped like playing guitars that have honey all over their strings then fast and groovy with little room for error. Homeblokes is an EP of previously unimaginable layers beneath the already heavy bass that introduces the listener to the short exploration. […]

Mat Ward – Disrupted

From the first beat, Disrupted at once lives up to its name and peaks the listeners interest. Disjointed is another good word for the sound emanating from the album. Bits and pieces of music-like sounds take turns in the listener’s ear expanding briefly and stopping abruptly so that the listener is waiting for its imminent […]

Body/Head – The Switch

Slow and warped, each of these tracks is longer than your average. Listeners will need to settle into this atmosphere. Anticipation builds with minutes of discord that is strangely not unpleasant. Matched by a voice the combination continues on without indication of intent. Listeners will feel varying sensations, not unlike the ongoing nature of a […]

Matty T Wall – Sidewinder

Sidewinder holds all the intensity and speed of its namesake. Somehow moving sideways and forwards at the same time this undulating body of music is coming at the listener from more than one angle. Brimming with energy, this album is one that will get the listener acting out their best impression of being onstage. Revelling […]

Lloyd Spiegel – Backroads

There is a lot happening on the Backroads. Moving through styles like a car through neighbourhoods, enjoying the scenic route and stopping just long enough for a photo, Lloyd Spiegel makes the trip look easy. Listeners will not get bored with a formula while listening to this album, as there doesn’t appear to be one. […]

Hidden Currents – After Image

Hidden Currents’ album After Image is a forceful melancholy offering. It is a complicated mix almost like a mesmerising lasagne, sounds piling on top of each other and melding together so that they become joined to the point of being inseparable. It is overwhelmingly mournful, persisting in that direction despite becoming heavier and heavier emotionally […]

West Thebarton – Different Beings Being Different

The listener will know good old Aussie rock when they hear it. The most recent album from West Thebarton belongs to a long tradition of cheeky lyrics, high energy and a fire in the belly of every participant of the musical force. It’s in the listeners face and its intense, Different Beings Being Different is […]

Suicide Swans – La Jungla

La Jungla pours out of its covers like a formless cloud. It’s sound begins a long journey downwards into melancholy. The album’s strains are depressive and repetitive and mixed in with only the occasional spice, circling back on itself several times only making small moves out of an ongoing stream. Lengthy explorations dominate the album, […]

John Flanagan Trio – Honest Man

Honest Man is an honest album. Warm tones and easy-going rhythms greet the ears of the listener like a smile and invite them into the surrounding vibe like a hug. Tendrils of conversation tickle the eardrums and encourage the listener to pay attention to the story as it unfolds, creating images of a summer evening, […]

Cosmic Psychos – Loudmouth Soup

Cosmic Psychos recent album, Loudmouth Soup, is a grouping of scattered noise. The songs are filled with repetitive chanting against a background of continuous noise, like playing the radio on low and running the kitchen fan at the same time. The lyrics are graphic almost to the point of unpleasantness, especially since it is repeated many […]