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Alice has forgotten how to chew, and, willingly or not, she’s inviting us into her mind to work out why. In here, the world out there we so often take for granted appears radically different. Capitalising on the disjunct between reality and, well, reality, is the approach director Paige Rattray has adopted in her premiere […]


Danielle Everett is a professional entertainer through and through, and is treating Sydney audiences to a one-off concert. She sings, dances and acts, and could probably do all three riding backwards bareback on a horse. In fact, it’s highly likely this is the performer turned horse-trainer’s daily yoga-equivalent. While she won’t actually be entering Glen […]


Challenging and dark, the production of Fireface by Stories Like These is powerfully staged, and at times dreadfully frightening. A subtle set, consisting of a table and four chairs, is the most generic aspect of this family's dynamic. It is a home in which the occupants collide to varying physical and psychological degrees, collisions rendered […]

Council rangers patrolling parks indognito

The presence of undercover Council rangers in parks has raised the ire of dog owners, despite assurances by the City of Sydney that the covert measures are necessary to ensure the safety of the local community. Eastern Suburbs residents Jane Barnett and Dixie Coulton were on their routine Saturday morning walk in Rushcutters Bay last […]


You’d be lucky to catch Kanye or his mate Jay-Z laughing at themselves as they rap their way through a game of celebrity heads, but that’s exactly the unserious attitude to hip-hop that Sketch The Rhyme adopts in their enthralling live shows. Sydney-based MC Joel Rapaport has been developing the show for the last five […]


What makes this modern family, perched uncertainly abreast the murky wave of teenage-dom alike any other, so different? What sinister psychological force threatens to ignite the happy future which Olga and Kurt, and all other teenagers, aspire towards? Luke Rogers, Artistic Director of Stories Like These, heads up this new production of incendiary, disconnected Fireface, […]

The permanent markings of graffiti

Waverley Councillor Joy Clayton has called for action against graffiti in the eastern suburbs amid concerted efforts to crack down on perpetrators. The notorious tag, ‘FUNDS’, has appeared again, this time on the corner of Penkivil St and Bondi Rd in Bondi. The tag has been commonly seen on buildings, public transport and infrastructure in […]

Potts Point art market proposed

Prominent Potts Point artist Shayne Chester has proposed a local artists’ market for Embarkation Park, above the Royal Australian Navy car park. Mr Chester’s plan involves utilising the fence surrounding the park during weekly markets held each Sunday. Artists would rent a portion of the fence to hang their works, displaying them against the impressive […]


Shortly after Romeo slays Tybalt, Friar Laurence asks of Romeo, “Art thou a man? Thy wild acts denote the unreasonable fury of a beast.” For a play whose themes resonate widely across cultures and generations, such questioning of masculinity is often sidelined in modern productions of Romeo and Juliet. Not so for director Stephen Wallace, […]


From David Bridie's latest album Wake, amidst the hard-hitting, gritty guitar chords of first single Delegate, Bridie chants, “The people who have lost the most are the ones who hate the least.” The song’s political element is unashamedly direct, and rightly so; but like all of Bridie’s music, its power derives from an honest bravery […]