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Jagged Little Pill – REVIEW

Jagged Little Pill is an all American musical about an American family dealing with the issues of today. The story goes something like this: the family are upper middle class and white, though they do have an adopted daughter who is coloured. They all live in a lovely upper middle class house in Connecticut. Their […]

Human Nature Rebooted at Star Casino

They say nice guys don’t make it big. This may be true in many cases but it is certainly not true of Human Nature. They are clean cut, slick, multi-talented and humble with high moral fibre and good family values. That, beside their obvious handsome, well groomed appearance and incredible ability to harmonise, is why […]

REVIEW: Relativity

Relativity by Joining The Dots Theatre Company, is an intelligent, witty two-hander (sometimes three), in which Albert Einstein is confronted by his past. Set in 1942 an older Einstein, the long grey hair standing on top of his head and the unkempt appearance that we are all familiar with, sits in his study waiting for a […]

REVIEW: Haute Couture

Haute Couture, a film written and produced by Sylvie Ohyon, starring Nathalie Baye and Lyna Khoudri, about trust, faith and mutual respect. It’s also a gem of a film for women and about women. It is the men who blend into the background. The film gently explores the racial divide in France through the Haves […]

Joining The Dots Theatre presents ‘Relativity’ by Mark St Germaine

The theory of relativity is the theory of light connecting time and space. Essentially it’s the theory of gravity. Albert Einstein’s theory was that gravity warps space creating thermal energy as it does so. Interesting then that Joining The Dots Theatre Company has decided to present Mark St Germain’s Relativity, play about Einstein, at a time when […]

Review: Benediction

By Renee Lou Dallow “God was in his heaven, and there were sausages for breakfast.” Terence Davies's new film, Benediction, is about the life and poetry of Siegfried Sassoon, a World War 1 poet. In the film, he is asked by a military tribunal if he is pro-German, to which Siegfried replies, "I’m pro-human.” Sassoon […]