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Bar Fly: Mr Tipply’s

If he had been there on the night, I would have eloped with Mr Tipply on the spot. Just from his cocktail menu, I can tell he is my kind of man.

Bar Fly: Randwick Ritz

Sitting on an all but empty balcony looking down over The Spot on a Friday night, I’m wondering if the street level punters are missing the point.

Bar Fly: The Windsor

‘Cheap and Cheerful in the Central CBD’, or as otherwise subtitled: ‘Thank God For a Rainy Day’. It was pissing down actually; otherwise we wouldn’t have stumbled up the stairs looking for respite.

Bar Fly: Golden Age Cinema & Bar

Midnight Parisian isn’t on the cocktail list here every night. Golden Age’s tempting take on a French 75 - Tanqueray, Solerno blood orange liqueur, lemon juice, and Champagne - was the cameo cocktail for movie Midnight in Paris.

Bar Fly: Coogee Pavilion

The top floor bar at the new Coogee Pavilion won’t open until December but we’ve already had a taste of things to come with the ground floor restaurant opening late last month.

Bar Fly: The Cliff Dive

Think Bacardi. Think post war. Think Hawaiian shirts. Think cane lampshades, a boat behind the bar, pineapple, coconut and paper straws.

Bar Fly: The Push

Poet Banjo Patterson described the 19th century larrikin Rocks Push gang as ‘wiry, hard-faced little fellows’. Jump a hundred years and The Push was still rebellious but with a left wing group who met over a meal and a beer.

Bar Fly: The Cubby House

A 75ml pour in a $15 cocktail is generous. Perhaps this makes the Cubby House cocktails the best value in the area.

Bar Fly: Mordeo Bistro & Bar

Word on the street (and in our Facebook streams) is that Mordeo is the new Sydney CBD hot spot. I concur.

Bar Fly: Swanson Hotel

Downstairs locals are still huddled drinking schooners. Upstairs the elegant transformation of the Kurrajong Hotel brings contemporary pub dining to the mix.