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International students routinely exploited at work

Stephen Fanjaya is an international student from Indonesia, who has been living in Sydney for the past three years. In that time he has held about 15 different jobs, changing frequently due to underpayment. “I used to do different jobs, a lot of jobs. My old job was underpaid and that's the problem. [I was […]

Developments on the Cowper St vacant block

The Baird state government is poised to sign over the title to the social housing section of the Glebe Affordable Housing Project to community housing provider Bridge Housing. The site of the project on Cowper Street has been vacant for the past few years, ever since the previous public housing block which occupied the site […]

Discarded memories: prisoners’ access to storage cut

Commencing in July, the Department of Attorney-General and Justice will be cutting funding to the Prisoners' Aid Association of NSW in order to divert funds to "transitional" services that assist people upon release. For over a century, the Association has played an important role in helping inmates transition back into the community by collecting and […]

NSW nurses say: privatisation, no way

Local nurses are speaking out against NSW Premier Mike Baird’s intentions to privatise the state’s hospitals. Just three days into his new position, Mr Baird suggested that privatisation posed a “fantastic opportunity” for the future of NSW healthcare. As the current healthcare system sits, the private sector is already delivering a range of services in […]

‘We remember them every day’: Rwanda 20 years on

This month marks the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. An estimated one million people were killed in one hundred days, the magnitude of the brutality leaving the international community in disbelief. Lambert Ndakaza is a 40-year-old from Butera in southern Rwanda, who lost both his parents and three brothers during the genocide. He came […]

Energy retailers ripping off solar producers

Michael Mobbs looks forward to receiving his electricity bill. And why not? His most recent statement shows Origin Energy owes him $165.19 for three months of power. Mr Mobbs, who owns Sustainable House in Chippendale, is receiving 60 cents per kilowatt hour (cents/kWh) for the solar power he exports into the grid from his network […]

Violence down despite later trading

There has been a reduction in the rate of alcohol-related assaults in Newtown at the same time as Marrickville Council has been trialling extended trading hours for a number of venues on Enmore Road, City Hub can reveal. The statistics were outlined in a council report based on data from the NSW Bureau of Crime […]

Street art to displace graffiti

Renowned inner west street artist Sid Tapia has teamed up with Sydney Water and Marrickville Council on an initiative with the unique proposition of utilising street art to reduce the sort of graffiti which some see as vandalism. In what is the pilot project of Sydney Water’s anti-graffiti initiative, Mr Tapia has painted a 75 […]

Marrickville: boarding house central

The Marrickville Legal Centre believes many of an estimated three to four hundred boarding houses in the Marrickville area are unregistered, leaving residents in legal limbo when disputes arise. Legislation passed in 2012 established a boarding house register and gave occupancy rights to residents including access to the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal. “Prior to […]

Refugees dispatched into communication wilderness

Refugee advocates have speculated that around 80 asylum seekers from Villawood Detention Centre were relocated to the remote locations of Curtin and Yongah Hill because of ongoing legal proceedings. The detainees were given a letter from the Department of Immigration on March 31, which told them they were being transferred because the detention centre is […]