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Letters to the editor

What's government got to do with Ita? Cleo's celebration of sexuality didn't lead to the liberation of women. Arguably, it led to an increase in early pregnancy and abortion in a world that still revolved around men's needs and wants. Stories about the hardcore feminist issues of career development, finance, surviving rape and female safety […]

Letter to the editor

Brian Noad, Nichols Street Community Group, Surry Hills, is right ("Designing safer cycleways for Sydney", City News, Letters, August 18). $78 million of ratepayers' funds to build bikepaths is a poor return for our buck. After all, why are we subsidising bike lanes for cyclists from outside our area? Where's their contribution? Cycleways are not […]

OPINION: Disability begins and ends with local communities

Our city enjoys a social service and healthcare system that provides care based on need; unfortunately the same cannot be said for disability services. People with disabilities (PWD) are among the most vulnerable individuals in our communities. PWD are marginalised by almost every government, private and social system they come into contact with; they lack […]

Letter to the editor

Designing safer cycleways for Sydney After years of research and consultation Sydney City Council have built 10 kilometres of a planned 55km of separated cycleways that has done little to ease CBD traffic congestion. These cycleways are a nightmare for pedestrians as cyclists speed through numerous shared paths; unsafe for bikers due to dozens of […]

Keep the ‘local’ in local government

Since 2003 the State Government has played arbiter to an ongoing feud between the Local Government Association of NSW (LGA) and the Sydney Business Chamber (SBC) over forced local council amalgamations - a position that is becoming untenable. Last week the SBC released the results of a clumsy poll conducted among 300 online respondents, asking […]

OPINION: Development act fundamentally flawed

So why is yet another opinion piece being written about a development approval that has gone wrong? More Government Acts that have been ignored by people in positions of power and more trampling on the rights of citizens as a result? There are some key issues inherent in the political process that maintain the status […]

Letter to the editor

After seeing a parking ranger take a picture of a parked car, driver inside, while he is driving through an intersection, I received a $147 parking ticket for my car being parked back-to-front in a quiet, dead end street in North Bondi. No matter what I do to respect my community, council want to brand […]

Letter to the editor

Boarding house approved for Renwick Street It seems  people have had their noses put out of joint. I lived in a boarding house for twenty-two years and the development of a new boarding house in Renwick Street is entirely appropriate.   It's simply snobbery that residents oppose the  development. It's mostly single people and couples […]

Letter: Liveable Green Network

Clover's "Liveable Green Network" not liveable or green Robert Sullivan is right to report that “According to Clover Moore” Sydney Council’s Liveable Green Network “sets the framework for high quality public streets” (City News, July 7). However, this is clearly incorrect. Is this another Clover Moore-ism? In both Victoria Street and Challis Avenue, Potts Point, […]

Letter: More cycleways on the cards for city

Dear Editor, Your last issue (‘More cycleways on the cards for city’, 7 July 2011) mentioned a Twitter backlash to the Sydney bike network, referring to a trending topic "Sydney Can’t Afford Clover Moore." I was surprised, so I went looking for more information. Google turned up just one reference, a link to your Alternative […]