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Never reinforce a failure

It's come to this: Iraq is falling apart in a sectarian insurgency launched by the same nut-job Sunni fundamentalists trying to overthrow Assad's Syrian regime – the very same guys the United States helped to foster in its haste to get rid of Assad. Talk about an own goal. So now the line-up now is, […]

A mad act of infrastructure vandalism

I got back to Central station just after six on Friday evening. The intercity was comfortably populated going out of Newcastle station, nearly full leaving Broadmeadow, and packed to the gunwales from Gosford on. Lots of folk were going down to Sydney for the weekend to take in the Vivid light art festival. I'd spent […]

It’s not what you thinkler, I’m Big Nathan Tinkler

After a few late nights and cases of cider, my old mate Dave, the Central Coast police detective, and I, were well on the way with the script and lyrics for ICAC –The Musical. In the process, Dave was steadily imbibing, although it only seemed to enhance his quite unexpected creative powers. “I've gotta get […]

ICAC – The Musical

Saturday, May 3 was an average sort of Saturday on the Central Coast. About 6:20am, police and emergency services were called to a house fire in Wyoming. The building was unoccupied and well alight by the time they arrived. Inside, the cops discovered a hydroponic cannabis plantation and seized 175 plants with an estimated street […]

Mick Costa is not accused of any wrongdoing

I have to make clear, right at the start, that former Australian Water Holdings chairman (and sometime Labor Council Secretary, NSW treasurer, transport minister and police minister) Michael 'Mick' Costa is not accused of any wrongdoing. In fact, the picture painted in various balanced and responsible media accounts of the AWH affair is that he […]

Eddie and Arthur thought too small

Yes, as through this world I've wandered I've seen lots of funny men; Some will rob you with a six-gun, And some with a fountain pen. - Woody Guthrie The ICAC inquiry into the Sydney Water Holdings scam makes fabulous reading. The distinct impression we’re getting is that here was a bunch of conscienceless pirates […]

We are all hostages when the wheels go up

There had always been something a little weird about the pilot. Whenever the subject of Captain Abbott came up, many people mentioned the male anorexia thing. “There’s gotta be something weird about a man who runs all those triathlons,” they’d say, and they’d speculate about self-punishment. There would usually be (nudge-nudge, wink-wink) some talk about […]

Last thoughts before the world ends (or maybe not)

I was down at Possum Point, which is not far from Batemans Bay, taking a few days off with Joadja and Jesse Dingo when the news filtered through that the Russians had invaded Ukraine. Or The Ukraine, as the world used to say until a few short years ago. Maybe “invade” isn’t quite the right […]

A life lost in vain

Last week the Afghan government released 65 suspected Taliban militants from prison. The US military, due to pull out of that benighted country by the end of this year, were outraged, of course. US officials said the detainees were “directly linked” to attacks that killed or wounded 32 NATO troops as well as 23 Afghan […]

Bullshit and blackmail: Abbott’s assault on the ABC

I watched a great doco on ABC TV the other night. Titled “88”, it was about the March for Justice, Freedom and Hope on Australia Day (or Invasion Day, as the Kooris say), 1988. The march was the largest protest event since the Vietnam Moratorium and more than 30,000 Aboriginal people took part, plus tens […]