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Journeys of Hope

By Matt Khoury This isn’t a story about paedophiles. It’s not about religious figures and teachers who curate kids as sexual muses. And get shuffled off to another posting before they feel the heat. It’s not about a cardinal who boasted the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse would stop a “smear […]

Bondi’s rescue bid for flooded town

The Bondi community has banded together and thrown a ‘charity gig’ for the forgotten town of Texas, just north of the border, and raised $3418.30. The fundraising event was conceived by two Bondi locals, Rimma Aranchikov and Collette Grech, as they shared a beer at the Tea Gardens Hotel, Bondi, and watched media coverage of […]

Investing in crime

For street artists, there’s a fine line between art and crime. The Oscar Wildes of the twenty-first century, they are adored and persecuted for their expression. They are the toast of chardonnay-drinking art-lovers and the target of police operations. A Sydney exhibition, Mars Attacks, launches next week at the Red Bull Gallery, Alexandria, which brings […]