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Rain Beau’s End

This is a low-budget independent film that highlights the challenges experienced by a lesbian couple in raising an adopted child who suffers from Jacob’s Syndrome, which is the presence of an extra ‘Y’ chromosome ('XYY') in males. This condition commonly evokes aggression and violent outbreaks. The film explores how Beau’s behavioural issues accelerate between the […]

French Film Festival

People who would like an escape from these challenging times are invited to purchase their ‘travel tickets’ to this film festival and be transported in mind to French-speaking worlds as the lights dim in cinemas. For 32 years this festival has ignited our interest in French culture, its popularity escalating and last year being crowned […]

REVIEW: Salt & Palm Indonesian Bar & Eatery

By Mark Morellini Situated in the heart of the Glebe shopping precinct, this thriving bar and eatery has been serving traditional Indonesian inspired cuisine for nearly two and a half years. Business owner, Natasya Soetantyo who comes from an Indonesian family that has worked in hospitality, believes that Australian diners are yet to discover Indonesian […]


High aspirations in attempting to achieve feasible goals in life are explored in this bitter-sweet 80s family rural drama which ultimately shatters the ideology of the American dream. When Jacob, a Korean-American man, makes the life-changing decision to relocate his family to Arkansas with the intention of establishing a farm growing Korean produce, he comes […]

The Truffle Hunters

Who would’ve thought that a film aimed at a very niche market which follows the day-to-day activities of elderly Italian truffle hunters and their dogs could have been such insightful and enjoyable entertainment! Truffles are incredibly rare strong-smelling underground fungi and are one of the most prized food ingredients in the world. They resemble irregular, […]

REVIEW: We Will Rock You

Packemin Productions and Riverside Theatres celebrate their 10th anniversary season this year and their 20th production is the phenomenally successful rock musical We Will Rock You. Prepare to be rocked!! This musical is set in the distant future and tells of the Bohemian's fight to restore individuality and live music in a world where the […]

A Writer’s Odyssey

From China comes this drama action-fantasy blockbuster which is destined to mesmerise enthusiasts of this style of film. Incorporating visually stunning CGI, the story centers on a man who in the real world is searching for his daughter who was kidnapped six years earlier. In another time and place, a man has embarked on a […]

Jewish Film Festival 2021

The Jewish Film Festival returns to the big screen this year, with a program that includes Australian premieres of 50 films and three series from 19 countries, split equally between Israeli and diaspora productions. “From deeply personal documentaries on the trailblazers who changed the world, to touching true stories illuminating the untold stories from our […]

Drummer Queens

Welcome to the world of Drummer Queens as eight talented young women take to the stage playing drums and percussion in this very unique and incredibly entertaining sound and light spectacular. The art of drumming is creatively presented and should send shock waves consuming audiences as the theatre shakes profusely from this ‘joyous noise’. The […]

Long Story Short

It’s been a great year thus far for Aussie flicks, but this hilarious comedy should prove to be a crowd-pleaser capturing the hearts of all audiences! Long Story Short is basically a comedic cautionary tale that resonates the importance of spending quality time with family and friends, as time flies by quickly and the past […]