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How To Please A Woman

Quintessentially another movie that highlights the problem Australian filmmakers have producing genuinely enjoyable comedic feature films. The story centers on a middle-aged woman (Sally Phillips) who has been retrenched from her job and forms an all-male domestic cleaning company where sex is also offered on the side. Initially the comedic elements are slow burning where  […]

It Takes Time: 10 Films By Frederick Wiseman

Frederick Wiseman’s award-winning career has spanned over seven decades. He has been described as one of the most important and original filmmakers working today and even a living legend. Whilst many of Wiseman’s documentaries have been selected to screen at the Sydney Film Festival (SFF) over the years Jenny Neighbour who is the SFF Head […]

Greek Comedy – Your Mother’s Quarantine

There’s great news for theatregoers who attended last year’s runaway comedy hit Your Mother’s Pension – the sequel, Your Mother’s Quarantine has arrived and is guaranteed to have audiences rolling down the aisles in tears of laughter! Written by Maria N Kitra and directed by Vagelis Houliaras the story follows the Skapoularas family who live […]

Operation Mincemeat

A fascinating WWII historical drama which details an elaborate deception named Operation Mincemeat, devised in 1943 and approved by Winston Churchill. The plan would hopefully fool Hitler into believing that British allied forces were going to strike Southern Europe through Greece instead of Sicily. The deception involved dropping a corpse with misleading papers off the […]

REVIEW: An American In Paris

Sydney, get ready to be entranced by An American In Paris, which was inspired by the 1951 motion picture starring legendary Gene Kelly. The full scale Broadway musical is now playing at the Theatre Royal The classic story is set during the liberation of Paris from the Nazis at the end of WWII and delves […]

Julian Assange Documentary, Ithaka

This documentary ultimately asks, is Australian editor, publisher and activist Julian Assange a hero or villain? And is the ideology that ‘the truth will set you free’ merely that – an ideology that will never see fruition? Assange founded WikiLeaks (a whistle blower website) in 2006 and the world took notice when in 2010 he […]

REVIEW: Circa’s Peepshow

Readers can be forgiven for initially thinking that a show which is called Circa’s Peepshow may be provocative and even voyeuristic, but it’s much more than this. Eight incredibly talented and semi-clad acrobatic performers take audiences on a playful, mesmerising, and bizarre journey in a show that incorporates elements of burlesque, cabaret and musical theatre. […]

Spanish Film Festival Arrives With 34 New Films

The Spanish Film Festival returns this year with a program of 34 of the best feature films from Spain, Australia, Latin America, and the USA, starring A-listers including Penelope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Oscar Martinez and Blanca Portillo. COVID-19 has had an affect on the Spanish film industry over the past few years, but CEO Benjamin […]

When The Cameras Stopped Rolling – A Documentary By Coogee Local

When The Cameras Stopped Rolling is a documentary which delves into the career of trail blazing filmmaker Lilias Fraser who was born in 1930 and tragically died in 2004. A Coogee local Fraser directed 40 films during her career and was one of the few women directors of those early years to break into a man’s world […]

An American In Paris at Theatre Royal

Enthusiasts of movies from the golden years of Hollywood should be delighted that An American In Paris is coming to the Theatre Royal in Sydney. The four-time Tony Award winning Broadway Musical version of the 1951 film is set to captivate Sydney audiences throughout April, May and June. Inspired by the 1928 orchestral composition by George […]