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Once: The Musical

The 2019 theatrical production of Once broke all box office records when it played in Sydney and now returns to mesmerise audiences all over again. Actor Jay Lag’aia who plays the father of a struggling musician in Dublin explained that it’s a story of hope. “This busker called Guy is also a hoover repair man […]

Sydney Film Festival 2021 Teaser

Anticipation for this year’s Sydney Film Festival (SFF) should exceed expectations owing to the absence of last year’s live festival, which was replaced by a viral edition owing to COVID-19. This year the festival will be smaller in terms of the program owing to COVID-19 restrictions. Approximately 80% of the program has been selected, and […]


Kiwi produced dramatic motion pictures have always intrigued Australian audiences, notably because of their culturally diverse themes and dramatic elements. Cousins is their latest offering, adapted from the classic novel penned by the highly praised Maori author Patricia Grace. The story centers on three young female indigenous cousins who are separated shortly after World War […]

Heroic Losers

From Argentina comes this heist caper reminiscent of American feature film Ocean’s 11, which stars Ricardo Darin heading an ensemble cast of Argentine performers unrecognisable to Australian audiences. As a financial crisis shatters the country’s economy, a corrupt counsellor steals the money of a group of up-and-coming co-operatives, hiding the stash in an underground vault. […]

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

Be afraid! Be very afraid! This is the arresting and ultra-frightening second sequel to The Conjuring (2013) and the eighth instalment in The Conjuring universe, which should have horror film enthusiasts screaming and gasping for air while literally sitting at the edge of their seats! Unlike the first two films, this is not set in […]

Come From Away

The highly anticipated musical Come From Away has been described as a masterpiece and finally arrives in Sydney after a successful season in Brisbane. This musical is based around the events which followed 9/11, when 38 passenger jets on their way across the Atlantic on September 11 were diverted to a small Canadian town on […]


This is quintessentially a low budget film which audiences will either love or hate – there’s no in between. The story follows Ray, a delivery man who takes on an unprotected gig economy job (contract jobs performed by individual operators) cabling to support himself and his sick brother. Initially prosperous he soon learns that multi-billion-dollar […]

German Film Festival 2021

Film festival enthusiasts should be delighted to learn that even though COVID-19 has disrupted film production in Germany, there are still 30 titles (27 of which are Australian premieres) that will screen at this year’s German Film Festival. Opening night attendees can expect a small 30-minute reception with a glass of wine, German delicacies and […]

REVIEW: Your Mother’s Pension

Your Mother’s Pension penned by Greek playwright Maria N Kitra, is the fourth production from Dionysus Theatre and is currently playing at the Mytilenian House in Canterbury. Surviving financially in Greece can be a challenge, especially during the financial crisis as George, Maria and their daughter Litsa have come to realise. George decides to move […]

Death Of A Ladies’ Man

Occasionally a cinematic oddity surfaces which leads audiences to ask, was this film actually enjoyable? The Canadian/Irish co-production Death Of A Ladies' Man is quietly humorous, bizarre, and placid viewing, but unquestionably belongs in this category. Sam (Gabriel Byrne) has been an alcoholic womaniser most of his life when he suddenly commences having strange hallucinations […]