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Sleeping With Audible

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, but in these challenging times that can be difficult to achieve. To help us all unwind and relax before bed, Audible have launched a free series of audio experiences. They include bedtime stores, meditations and sound healings from celebrities such as Nick Jonas and Diddy, and others from renowned […]

Locked Together

Over the past month, during the UK’s COVID-19 lockdown, Audible invited some of their favourite comedians to connect with each other from their homes. There are eight episodes in this audiobook series, and the highlights are Dawn French with Jennifer Saunders and Simon Pegg with Nick Frost. From managing the cleaning sans cleaners (who would have […]

Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View is a podcast created by female prisoners in the Darwin Correctional Centre in the Northern Territory, and it’s a fascinating look into a life that most of us will never experience. Collectively hosted by 18 women, each episode centres on a core theme and uses interviews, poetry, satire and the prison soundscapes […]

3100: Run And Become

To some people, running is a chore. Something they do to keep fit or for other health reasons. For others, it’s something more. A moving meditation, a way to reach enlightenment (or at least an endorphin rush). 3100 follows a Finnish man who is completing the Self-Transcendence 3100 Miler – the world’s longest race – […]

Audiobooks That Will Stop Your Little Ones Whining About Being Stuck Indoors

Parents across Australia, and indeed the world, are having a hard time of it right now. Many are required to work from home while also keeping their children out of school and daycare. And frankly, some of us are being driven mad. We don’t want to give our kids too much screen time, but we […]

It Must Be Heaven

No matter where we go, people are always the same. Such is the essential truth of life that is explored in It Must Be Heaven. Elia Suleiman (who wrote the film and also stars as himself) moves to three different countries, plying his trade as a writer. Meeting a colourful cast of characters from New York […]

Be Better Off Show

Inspirational and incredibly interesting, the Be Better Off Show is the perfect mix of business and lifestyle advice. Hosted by author, speaker and CEO of an ASX-listed chartered accountancy firm, Brett Kelly, this podcast is about helping people be better off in all aspects of their life. And frankly, that’s what we all need in […]

In Fabric

Once you see In Fabric, you’ll never try a dress on in a department store change room the same way again. You see, In Fabric is the tale of a dress. But not a normal dress. A dress that, once worn, unleashes a malevolent curse and unstoppable evil. From acclaimed horror director Peter Strickland, this […]

36 Husbands

36 Husbands is true community film-making. The cast and crew spent five months traveling and working together with a tiny budget, with many playing both on and off-screen roles. The film follows the story of three powerful women with masterful kung-fu skills. They’re employed by an unidentified organisation as spies, tasked with luring 36 men […]

True History Of The Kelly Gang

True History Of The Kelly Gang is a unique interpretation of the story of Ned Kelly, infamous bushranger of the 1800s.  Featuring a stellar lineup of award-winning Australian and international stars, including Russell Crowe, Nicholas Hoult, Essie Davis, Claudia Karvan and Charlie Hunnam, the acting is faultless. Unfortunately, it’s the plot and dialogue that is […]