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Heavy Artillery

White Rabbit is one of the most innovative galleries in Sydney. A modern grey edifice nestled beside a magnificent jacaranda tree, whose leaves provide a fragile purple welcome mat, it is a truly unique Sydney treasure. Their latest offering is Heavy Artillery, a group show which features Chinese and Taiwanese artists. Prominent themes in this […]

The Will to Fly

The Will to Fly tells the story of Australia's gold medal winning aerial freestylist, Lydia Lassila. The film is part biography, part history, and is an interesting tale of determination and triumph. Lydia is a good subject for a documentary. She's an articulate, focused athlete and a wife and mother. The movie recounts the journeys […]

Circus Oz – But Wait…There’s More

Before Cirque du Soleil, there was Circus Oz––a playful, colourful, animal-free innovation that focussed on the human form. This Summer, after two years of touring, they are bringing their unique collection of characters and clowns to Sydney in But Wait... There's More. Unicyclists April Dawson and Kyle Raftery are two of 12 artists who will […]

Exhibition Review: Writing Art

Questioning the nature of creativity and its place in contemporary society is a specialty of Artspace Gallery, and its new exhibition, Writing Art, is continuing the tradition. Drawing upon structuralist and post structuralist theories, Writing Art explores the relationship between text and image. Can words paint? Can paintings write? Is conventional art a separate entity to the […]

Stephen K Amos

British comedian, Stephen K Amos is returning to Sydney for the annual comedy festival. Amos is famous as an observational comedian who has delighted audiences around the world with his ability to take topical events and transform them into sharp satirical witticisms. The themes of his new show, Welcome to My World, include racism and […]

Chippendale New World Art Prize

This year marks the third annual Chippendale New World Art Prize, which was made possible by a $100 000 donation from the philanthropist Dr Stanley Quek. 2015 is the year of Phenomena, a theme which is both broad and intriguing. The finalists include Tanya Chaitow, the surrealist painter, whose evocative works have been shown in […]

A Colourful X – Jenna YoNa Bloom

Some characters are larger than life and artist Jenna YoNa Bloom demonstrates this with her stencil art. Her latest project takes the denizens of Kings Cross and transforms them into vibrant works of portraiture. The subjects of the exhibition, A Colourful X, are as individual as the notorious suburb. They include Reverend Graham Long of […]

Actions for Tomorrow- Yangjiang Group

Politically potent and visually provocative, Actions for Tomorrow by the Yangjiang Group is an exhibition remarkable for its innovative look at modern society. The first floor of the 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art has been transformed into a bizarre boutique. Internationally branded clothes, dripping with dried wax, hang on racks surrounded by sales pitches […]

Cintia Barroso Alexander – Portrats Aus Afrika

Framed by an azure sky, Cintia Barroso Alexander's photos are large in scale but intimate in appeal. The Brazilian photographer travelled to Ethiopia and her work illustrates a culture alien to a modern audience. However, in this skilful artist's hands the different becomes familiar and the ancient, contemporary. These portraits of tribal people are carefully […]

Zhang Huan: Sydney Buddha

Zhang Huan's Sydney Buddha at Carriageworks is a gigantic installation which touches on the fundamental questions of humanity. There are two Buddhas in the exhibition. A shining, headless, silver aluminium casting, and the creation from the mould. They sit in majestic silence, dominating the space around them inspiring awe and respect from the visitor. Facing […]