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Appointment with Death

Agatha Christie's classic novel has been transformed into a completely different script in Appointment with Death. The book included famous fictional detective Hercule Poirot, but he is absent from the play. The theatrical version focuses on the Boynton family. The sadistic matriarch of this clan rules it with an iron fist, which oppresses her relations until a […]

The Wait

The Wait is a stunning and powerful story about grief, love and loss. Light and dark, silhouettes, sunshine and shadows successively cross the screen in a dazzling cinematographic display. These visual themes dominate a movie which communicates more with imagery than with voice. Anna's son has died in mysterious circumstances. Suddenly, his unknowing girlfriend, Jeanne, […]

Everybody Wants Some!!

Everybody Wants Some!! is an American college based romp. The movie opens with freshman baseball player Jake, driving to his new frat house to the strains of 'My Sharona' and steadily descends into a self-indulgent, supposedly funny look at male bonding and team building. With a cast that looks like they are several years too old for their adventures, […]

Sea of Hands at Barangaroo

The first Sea of Hands appeared in front of Parliament House in Canberra in 1997. This year, ANTaR (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation) is creating another in the shadows of a Sydney landmark, the Harbour Bridge. Barangaroo was a major figure in early colonial history, and the park that bears her name will host […]

Sport for Jove Theatre Co presents: The Taming of the Shrew

Sydney's Sport for Jove Theatre is a repertory company with a long history of producing innovative interpretations of classic dramas and comedies. This Autumn the award winning team is reviving its exciting and inspiring reimagining of The Taming of the Shrew. The play is one of Shakespeare's lesser known works, but despite its obscurity, it […]

Kinetic Energy presents HOME

Kinetic Energy Theatre Company is committed to exploring issues of social justice. So it is fitting that their latest offering, HOME, investigates urban homelessness. Based in Sydney, the play offers insights into one of the most pressing problems facing contemporary society. It focuses on a Kings Cross soup kitchen and the people who visit it. […]

Wide Open Sky

Wide Open Sky is a documentary film about Moorambilla Voices, a project which brings song to people living in remote areas of New South Wales. This is a land of soaring eagles, dirt tracks and towns of tin sheds with emus watching from every corner. It is a harsh environment with no room for music […]

Anthony Bartok – New Work

Anthony Bartok's creations are quirky and pointed comments on contemporary society. Bartok creates minimalist sketches which incorporate text to wittily pinpoint the foibles and contradictions of modern life. His simple lines draw on cartoon imagery and combine it with the colouring book and the internet meme fetish to produce work shaded in black humour and […]

After 3.11 / Tell the Prime Minister

Five years ago Japan was devastated by triple disasters of an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear explosion. The Japan Foundation of Sydney is currently holding a series of events and exhibitions to commemorate the anniversary titled After 3.11: Have you met the new Japan? The centrepiece is a screening of the film Tell the Prime Minister (2015), which […]

Penguin Bloom

Life has a delicate harmony that most people ignore. The story of Penguin the magpie illustrates how this was recognised by a very unique group of humans. The Blooms were devastated by an accident that left wife and mother Sam paralysed. They were reeling from shock when relief came to them in the form of […]