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REVIEW: Circa’s Peepshow

The promotional materials for Circa’s Peepshow promise a steamy, burlesque night at the Sydney Opera House. What Circa, the world renowned, Brisbane based performance company, delivers is somewhat less risqué. Seven talented, and incredibly flexible performers dangle, contort and hurl themselves across the stage with breathtaking grace. Under the masterful direction of Yaron Lifschitz the […]

Twenty-five years of printing the news and raising hell

By Lawrence Gibbons The first edition of the City Hub was published 25 years ago this week. That same month, in August 1995 Bill Gates launched Internet Explorer, one of the world’s first web browsers. Since then, access to the world wide web has revolutionised the way news is delivered and has all but obliterated […]

REVIEW: Don Giovanni

Mozart’s classic opera Don Giovanni takes on added resonance in the wake of the Me Too movement. Don Giovanni translated into Spanish means Don Juan. The libretto tells the timeless tale of a licentious lord who seduces, entraps and manhandles a host of women. This season’s production of Mozart’s masterpiece casts the Italian Baritone Luca […]

REVIEW: La Bohème

Opera Australia’s summer season staging of La Bohème is a multi-cultural affair. Beneath Chinese and English subtitles, two phenomenal Asian born opera stars perform Puccini’s famous arias with breathtaking artistry. Australian-Chinese tenor Kang Wang’s portrayal of the love-struck poet Rodolfo is mesmerising. His performance ranks him as one of the world’s best tenors today. He is […]

Advertising Sales Professional Sought

We publish two established inner city media outlets: the Star Observer and the City Hub. The Star Observer is Australia's oldest and largest LGBTQI publication, targeting inner Sydney and inner Melbourne in print and nationally online. The City Hub is inner Sydney's oldest independent weekly newspaper and website offering hip and irreverent news and arts […]

The City Hub celebrates its birthday with a new website

By Lawrence Gibbons To mark the 24th anniversary of the City Hub we have launched a new website:  The old Altmedia website has given way to a revamped site with the same alternative inner-city news, independent views and cutting-edge arts and entertainment reviews you have come to expect over the years. A lot has […]

WestCONnex: utopia or dystopia?

By Peter Hehir Are the Australian Labor Party really the saviours that some who oppose WestConnex believe them to be? Whilst it’s true that they are the only organisation that could put a stop to the insanity, if they choose to, the obvious question is; will they? They support WestConnex. They always have. For most […]

Combustible cladding costly and contentious

by Allison Hore   More than 185,000 buildings in NSW have been investigated for the presence of flammable cladding which resulted in rapid spread of fire in a number of highly publicised incidents. The multi-agency Cladding Taskforce was established mid last year to review buildings suspected of having unsafe cladding installed. “To date, 2,388 buildings […]

Class A asset stripping of the Powerhouse Museum

by Kylie Winkworth One day, economic historians will document the “vampire squid” epoch in NSW history, the colourful term coined to describe the influence of Goldman Sachs relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money. In NSW, the vampire squids have their blood funnel into public assets. Under the O’Farrell, Baird and […]

Labor promises to revive live music

by Sarah McLenaghan The recommendations from the parliamentary inquiry into the music and arts economy in NSW promises a revival of the struggling sector. Since the release of the inquiry’s final report, NSW Labor has committed to implementing a number of its key findings. Keep Sydney Open coordinator, Tyson Koh, was among industry representatives who […]