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Darling Habour MAXed out

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS A new IMAX theatre has not yet been built, but it has already been labelled the “snail”. The speed of redevelopment has been anything but at a snail’s pace in Darling Harbour, and has not had sufficient community consultation, locals have said. Pyrmont resident Leone Huntsman said that the latest concept plan […]

Renters may be eligible for WestConnex compo

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS A man whose unit building is scheduled for demolition to make way for the controversial WestConnex toll road has been denied compensation, despite others in the area receiving it. St Peters resident Andrew Potts sought legal advice after he was told he would have to move out of the home he had […]

Waterloo Social Housing tenants seek security

BY KENJI SATO AND CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Public housing tenants in the Redfern – Waterloo area have voiced fears that they could be forced to leave their neighbourhoods, according to City of Sydney Councillor Linda Scott. The Labor councillor told City Hub that she had been approached by public housing tenants, who had expressed fears that […]

Inner City residents demand concrete affordable housing targets

KENJI SATO Affordable housing is urgently needed in the face of soaring house prices in the inner city, according to local residents and the REDWatch community group. The concerns were raised last week at a REDWatch meeting in Waterloo, a suburb which has been slated for extensive redevelopments. These include the demolition of two public […]

Cyclist protest new “totalitarian” laws

BY KENJI SATO Hundreds of cyclists will rally in Martin Place next Thursday February 18 to protest against the state government’s controversial new laws for cyclists. Under the new laws, which will be enforced from March 1, fines for road infringements will more than quadruple, and cyclists must carry photo ID or else be slapped […]

WestConnex 101 and why the secrecy needs to stop

City Hub reporter and local activist, WENDY BACON, spoke at a Westconnex forum in Erskineville.The following is an edited transcript of her speech.  I will begin by acknowledging that I am wearing a few hats tonight. I’ve lived in this neighbourhood for near 30 years. I’m a journalist and an activist who has been involved in […]

Local theatre has a plan to tackle lack of diversity

BY SHON HO Recent criticism of the Oscars as being “whitewashed”, underscored a common concern about the lack of cultural diversity in the arts. Not just Hollywood, but Australian theatre is trying to bring more minority voices into the spotlight. The Lotus Asian-Australian Playwriting Program, launched by Playwriting Australia in conjunction with Performance 4a, is […]

Locks changed as indie theatre continues battle with City

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS Supporters and friends of the beleaguered Archway One Theatre gathered on Saturday to protest the shock move by the City of Sydney to change the locks on the theatre. The move to physically lock out the theatre company on last Friday morning came as a surprise to the community, who thought there […]

The money you never knew you had

BY LUCAS BAIRD There’s $218 million sitting in a NSW Government bank account, and it could belong to you. Well, at least some of it, anyhow. A Greens MP has claimed that a public awareness campaign should be created to ensure people are aware of unclaimed funds. Greens Member for Balmain, Jamie Parker, told City […]

Westconnex faces mounting opposition

BY KENJI SATO Protesters occupied a drill site at the Tempe Reserve on Tuesday morning, settling in with lawn chairs and picnic blankets in an attempt to block construction of the Westconnex New M5 road interchange. Drilling was delayed and police were called to the scene. A move-on order was issued and the protesters left […]