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Environmentalists slam “Baird’s war on trees”

BY KENJI SATO A proposed overhaul of NSW’s biodiversity laws has been labelled a “war on trees” by Sydney environmentalist groups, who fear the changes will threaten native vegetation and animal habitats throughout Sydney. The fears were raised at a meeting in Maroubra last Thursday, where local councillors, residents, environmentalists, and state MPs discussed the […]

Caught in crossfire: community victims of lock

BY LYDIA WATSON MOORE ‘We are the unintended victims who will not stand by any longer’. This is the resounding message of the growing movement against the Sydney CBD’s controversial lock out laws. Following Premier Mike Baird’s comments last week on social media supporting the laws, Sydneysiders have lashed back in their thousands, with many […]

Q: Why did the light rail cross the road?

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS The Greens have called on the government to stop work on the light rail east project, and says it should answer questions as to why the route was changed following a development application for a hotel. The Greens say the planned hotel is situated where the previous planned route for the light […]

Where there’s land and water there’s fire

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS A new community group,Saving Moore Park Inc., have formed in an effort to protect the green space from what they see as the continual threat from the Sydney Cricket Ground Trust, who wants to obtain more land. Convenor Michael Waterhouse said that it was vital to protect the land, as a quarter […]

Millers Point residents deny claim in Darling House

A former Millers Point resident has rejected the claims made by some that the government should give the money back to residents. Ron Jennings, who has lived in the area since he moved to Sydney in the 1970s, said that the residents did not ask the government for money whatsoever. The money comes from the […]

Access denied: Darling Harbour locks locals out

BY LUCAS BAIRD Community group Pyrmont Action is “enraged” with the lack of access and community consultation regarding developments in the Darling Harbour area. Convenor of Pyrmont Action Elizabeth Elanius said there has been no government consultation, and much of the area’s development since 2012 has been carried out in “secret.” The Darling Harbour Precinct […]

Short march to Town Hall, but long road to justice

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS It was a win for justice, the organisers of the TJ Hickey March said of a last minute agreement on Friday which stopped the attempt by NSW Police to cut the march short for the second year in a row. About 250 protestors marched from TJ Hickey Park in Waterloo to Sydney […]

Requiem for a dreamgirl

  BY BARBARELLA KARPINSKI I am writing this piece as a requiem to a city that once had a pulse. The 1986 Depeche Mode song, Stripped, is the backdrop to this requiem. The song from the Black Celebration album samples motorbikes revving up in slow motion. As I read about the closure of Dreamgirls, an […]

Further bullying complaints emerge from City’s ranger unit

BY CHRISTOPHER HARRIS An email from a City of Sydney employee to Councillors claims the City’s CEO dismissed further complaints of bullying, just days after the suspected suicide of a council ranger. The employee from the City of Sydney Council ranger unit wrote to councillors last week “as a last resort” after his complaints were […]

Sparks fly as residents react to mergers

BY LUCAS BAIRD It may have a reputation for being posh and civilised, but it was anything but last Thursday, when residents from Woollahra local council area made it clear they were opposed to IPART’s proposed merger with Waverley and Randwick. Over a hundred turned out to Club Rose Bay last Thursday February 4 to […]