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For fans of the 1998 Gwyneth Paltrow/Ethan Hawke Great Expectations, the latest update from Director Mike Newell may seem unnecessary. For those that like their film adaptations a little closer to their books, however, the Jeremy Irvine/Holliday Grainger offering will be a refreshing change. The young stars deliver a faithful rendition of Dickens’ classic tale […]


Australia and sports have gone hand in hand for as long as most of us can remember. For many, sportsmen have been representatives, role models and heroes. And for all the Cathy Freemans and Dawn Frasers of the world, it’s undeniable that our sporting life is – by and large – a bit of a […]


“Alaska Projects is situated in the Kings Cross car park so a lot of the artists are responding to the grunge factor,” says the curator of upcoming all-female exhibition JANIS, Kelly Doley. “Expect magic-eye protest banner paintings from me, soft sexual sculpture from Sarah Contos, trash sculpture from Marian Tubbs, spoken word installation art from […]


"Art is very good at this thing called intimacy," Mumbai-born British artist Anish Kapoor intones in relation to his work. Our relationship with art is certainly intimate, but at its best it is something more as well, something both individual and universally resonant. At its best, it teaches us something, creates or makes visible something […]


Cinemaniacs take note! This week is your last chance to catch the filmic musings of some of Sydney’s most artistic movie buffs at the MCA’s Cinemania series. Put together by Diana Smith from artist collective Brown Council, the series of talks has been staged over three, ahem, blockbuster weeks, inviting a series of speakers to […]


The audience quietened as the first artist stepped on stage. The judges – Alaska Projects’ Sebastian Goldspink, curator Susan Gibbs and Artspace’s Mark Feary – sat at the ready. After an introduction by local artist Kenzie Larsen, WINNER! was in full swing. Curated by inter-disciplinary artist Mish Grigor (who you may know as one third […]


“It’s a very funny show,” Police and Justice Museum artist-in-residence Rosemary Valadon says of Wicked Women. The series of paintings, three years in the making, presents portraits of 17 high-profile Australian women as cover girls from old pulp novels and noir fiction. From the very recognisable, such as Tara Moss, Rachel Ward, Sonia Kruger and […]


Since humans first crawled out of the sea and learned to look to the sky, we have been looking to the stars. The heavens have provided inspiration, navigation and guidance, driving our ever growing quest to discover our universe. Thanks to the Sydney Observatory, and a talented group of astrophotographers, the average punter can now […]


It seems Avril Chestnut and Stephanie Ward, the two young actor/directors who comprise Sydney’s newest theatre company Owl & Crane, are not easily discouraged. “While there are a plethora of high quality independent theatre companies in Sydney, it is very difficult to become part of these groups,” they tell me. “We decided that if we […]


The 18th Sydney Biennale is upon us, opening with appropriate fanfare in a series of launches and public events across five venues last week. The name of the game this year is all our relations, delving into collaboration, conversation and connection. Co-artistic directors Catherine de Zegher and Gerald McMaster have brought an interesting group of […]