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Who Locked The Pets Up

By Rida Babar During the COVID-19 lockdowns one good thing that came about was pets and pet owners being able to spend more time together. However, the time has come when most owners are returning to work and are dealing with the major question: how to prepare their furry friends for business as usual? As […]

Palaye Royale – The Bastards

With track titles such as Anxiety, Lonely, Fucking With My Head and Masochist the listener is immediately clued into what Palaye Royale are aiming for with their new record, The Bastards.  The band not only delivers on those preconceived ideas but they take them to new heights as the songs perfectly capture the emotions and […]


Originally hailing from Kununurra in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, but now based out of Tasmania Parker is an artists who thrives on expressing herself though a range of mediums. These mediums range from music, both with her solo project Parker or band project Runaway Belles, and visual art projects. Ultimately though for Tash […]

Grey Daze – Amends

Posthumous releases of any kind - whether they be in the form of singles, films, or as is the case with Amends full albums - are always a delicate matter. Whilst Chester Bennington is best known as the voice of Linkin Park, it was not his only musical project. Prior to forming that iconic band […]


If they were still alive today, you might well ask - how would some of the great American movie directors like Robert Altman and Stanley Kubrick react to the recent Trump political rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma? If ever there were the ingredients for another cutting American satire, the Tulsa rally had it all – jingoism, […]

Lucille – Come On, Fly

It's undeniable that Melbourne's Lucille has a beautiful voice, even when it is unlike any other. Her new album Come On, Fly is a captivating showcase of her unique voice and deeply emotive storytelling. Inspired by her birthplace of Berlin and the current state of global affairs the title track of this record explores the […]


In a global political climate dominated by Black Lives Matter rallies Burden arrives at a poignant time in world history. A true story based on the 1990s story of a Ku Klux Klan member who has a change of heart thanks to the influence of his new girlfriend.  When Mike Burden (Garret Hedland) meets Judy […]

Savannah Clarke – Now United

At a time when the world has been driven apart by COVID-19 but then drawn together in the fight for justice and and to racism the global music group Now United is perhaps more poignant than ever. For Australian music lovers the group has gained even greater significance recently with the addition of Sydneysider Savannah […]

Sea Fever

Set aboard an Irish fishing vessel which encounters a parasitic plague and thus enters into a forced quarantine, the themes of Sea Fever hit close to home given the current global pandemic. Sea Fever follows Siobhán (Hermione Corfield), an Irish marine biology student who is tasked with joining a fishing crew on their latest voyage in […]

Thriving In The Hive

Gavin Smith is an inner city beekeeper with a difference. He wasn’t always a beekeeper and was for many years an art teacher. After Smith retired from teaching he found a renewed interest in the world of insects. Something that had fascinated him as a child. Before long he found his specialty, bees. Smith has […]