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REVIEW: The Twins

Directed by Terry Serio and Sarah Butler, this droll two-hander sees two real-life friends, Ian Darling and Greg Fleet, musing over the “twins” roles they played 40 years earlier and the different paths their lives have taken since then. At the private school Geelong Grammar, the boys played Antipholus of Ephesus and Antipholus of Syracuse in Shakespeare’s Comedy […]

Appropriate By Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, who has been twice nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, this contemporary American play deals with a dysfunctional family that’s coming together after the death of the patriarch. Director Wesley Enoch says, “At the heart of it is a comment on America and on America’s theatrical tradition,” and audience members […]

Stop Girl

Sally Sara has produced her first play based on her life as a foreign correspondent. Suffering from PTSD after a stint in Afghanistan, Suzie had difficulty adjusting to normal life back in Sydney. Sara’s script interested director Anne-Louise Sarks, who says, “You don’t often get to see these stories on our stages,” largely because most […]

No: Intermission Festival

Artistic Director Carly Fisher says that No: Intermission, a one-act play festival, was designed with two goals: “to provide opportunities for Sydney’s emerging actors to work creatively and network with one another, and to bring debut productions to the Sydney stage.” The festival was launched in 2019, but had to “take intermission” in 2020, for […]


The Ensemble’s new play Outdated explores the shock of suddenly being single in middle age and having to expose oneself in the dating market. Writer Mark Kilmurry, Ensemble’s resident Artistic Director, writes: “After years of someone knowing your good and bad sides you are having to prove yourself with someone new.” The play explores how […]

Escape From Extinction

This prize-winning documentary from American Humane, the United States’ first national humane organisation, opens with some dire statistics: The planet is entering its sixth mass extinction event. The United Nations says that one million species of the eight million on earth face the risk of extinction. Narrated by Academy Award-winning actress Dame Helen Mirren, this remarkable […]

REVIEW: Fangirls

Judging by the audience reaction, Yve Blake’s revision of Fangirls is going to be another big hit. The story of three school-age friends who all fall in love with a boyband idol is not for everyone above the age of, say, 40 years old. The first half is full on, with intensely loud music, blurred […]

REVIEW: Ernani

It is not surprising that Verdi’s fifth opera, Ernani, is rarely produced and that this is its first visit to Opera Australia. The tortured story of the love quadrangle is one of the silliest librettos produced by Verdi’s librettist Francesco Maria Piave, but despite this, Verdi’s glorious music and the splendid performers of this production […]


Belvoir hits summer with a big musical splash of Fangirls version two, which now returns after a sell-out debut season in 2019 when it won Best Production Of A Mainstage Musical at the Sydney Theatre Awards and Best Musical Or Cabaret at Queensland’s Matilda Awards Composer and playwright Yve Blake was thrilled with the reception her […]

Yellamundie Festival

The Yellamundie Festival at Carriageworks once again brings First Nations talent to the fore with performances, public readings, yarns and events. Artistic Director Lily Shearer explained how the Yellamundie Festival came into being in 2010 at the National Indigenous Theatre Forum held in Cairns, when a National First People’s playwrights gathering was identified as the number […]