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Girlhood is about growing up in the housing projects on the outskirts of Paris. Our protagonist Marieme realises that meekness is getting her nowhere in her family life or at school. After dropping out, she reinvents herself with a new name and new friends. 'Vic' has to navigate her way around a male-dominated maze of […]

Review: Mr Holmes

In a film about Sherlock Holmes starring renowned badass Ian McKellan, you might expect a lot of whip-smart sleuthing and detective dialogue. Well, while there is a little, Mr Holmes is a lot more complex than that. Holmes is now in his 90s, his once-brilliant mind wavering, trying to remember the details of his last […]

Risqué Revue

Go on a burlesque double-date night with Risqué Revue. Slide Lounge is an Oxford Street institution. The unassuming building at the Museum end of the iconic street features glamourous art deco style, all preserved from it's early days as a bank in the 1930s. The nights here are famous for going the extra mile. You may […]

Review: The Emperor’s New Clothes

Russell Brand calls for revolution in this documentary about the disparity of wealth. He focuses on the UK, which has been particularly hard hit by economic inequality in recent times. A documentary like this makes sense when the neoliberal lie that free market growth will spread to the masses becomes increasingly obvious; especially when in […]

Lore by Bangarra Dance Theatre

Bangarra have built a reputation as an amazing Australian dance company whose choreography melds traditional and truly innovative expression. Lore is their latest offering, and features a double bill of stories about the land and sea. They’ve been crafted by established choreographer Francis Rings along with up-and-comers Waangenga Blanco and Deborah Brown. Tara Gower is […]

Du Blonde: Welcome Back to Milk

Du Blonde is the reinvented version of musician Beth Jeans Houghton. This sophomore album sees the singer shaking off any suggestion of chamber pop and folk music in favour of distortion and driving drums. Vocally, Du Blonde is a contradictory mix of tough mellow, smooth yet solid. The singer’s recent trips to the US add a […]

Penguin Prison – Lost in New York

Penguin Prison offers up a smorgasbord of pop. Vocally there are some snatches of Julian Casablancas, and a few squeaky clean boy band moments in there too. This 11 track LP is an electro pop dedication to the flurry of life in New York City. Previously known mostly for his remixes, it marks a change […]

Review: The School For Scandal

The New Theatre Company's production of The School For Scandal wanted to rework the 18th century comedy of manners into the modern age. The supposed aim was to discuss society’s obsession with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous. A veneer of gossip magazine and reality TV aesthetic has been slapped on, and an […]


Toni Collette plays Ellie Klug, a 40-something music critic who mostly spends her time stomping around Seattle in a leather jacket looking resigned. Ellie’s high school sweetheart disappeared without a trace when he reached rock star status, and she seems to (ineffectively) deal with this by swilling whiskey at “alternative rock” shows. Also by sleeping […]

School For Scandal

The original School for Scandal may have been created in the 18th century, but it would seem that society still places wealth on a sky-high pedestal. Our world of Illuminati and industries based on over-sharing the life details of celebrities is surely comparable to the upper class of Richard Brinsley Sheridan’s time. Bringing this classic […]