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Australia Day

In the fictional, Australian country town of Coriole, they’re planning the Australia Day festivities. It will probably be the same as last year but getting the right multicultural sausage on the barbie is important, and so is a committee. This one is a blend of political and partisan views with the odd Australian born Vietnamese […]

Tania Lacy and ‘Tweendom’

It’s 8:25 in the morning and Tania Lacy is on the phone from Berlin. For me, it’s been one of those days in one of those weeks. To cap it off the ‘tech’ gremlins have been at work, so it’s been a long phone call coming. GREG: “I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you?” […]

Tania Lacy – Tracy Lacy For Classy Captain

Tania Lacy’s bio reads like most people’s bucket list. Dancer, choreographer, television host, comedienne, screenwriter and actor but in her latest book, Tracy Lacy For Classy Captain, she has found a sweet spot. It’s the second of her quirky graphic novels pitched somewhere between Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries. Written with tween girls […]

Muriel’s Wedding The Musical

The wharf is alive with Muriel fever as STC puts the finishing touches on its finale for 2017, Muriel’s Wedding – and it’s a musical. Taking a treasured part of our Australian film psyche and transferring it to the stage could be a daunting prospect but it’s happening, courtesy of a stellar cast, a raft […]

A View From The Bridge

Rose Byrne talks about stumbling into seeing A View From The Bridge as a nerdy sixteen-year old drama student and she was never quite the same again. It has that sort of effect on people. Widely regarded as Arthur Miller’s finest work, Redline Theatre brings the show to the Old Fitz after a three-year process […]

The Red Tree

Shaun Tan’s evocative book, The Red Tree, is reimagined and brought to life in this new work at Riverside Theatre. At the helm are the creative triumvirate of director, Neil Gooding, New York based composer Greta Gertler and much loved playwright Hilary Bell. Adapting a book for the stage has its own challenges, though none […]

What Rhymes with Cars and Girls

What Rhymes with Cars and Girls was Tim Rogers’ (You Am I) first solo album. It holds a warm place in the heart for many. It’s a conversation between two lovers about the tricky business of love. Lyrically beautiful, it contains some stunning visual poetry, scattered liberally over the eleven tracks. When playwright Aiden Fennessy […]

Forever Crazy

From a somewhat inauspicious beginning in Paris over sixty years ago, through to today where their shows regularly draw sell-out crowds, Crazy Horse Paris comes to Sydney – and tickets are selling fast. Variously described as iconic cutting edge performance art, a Parisian cultural phenomenon or even risqué burlesque - it is a high kicking […]

Review: The Nether

It’s the future - the near future - and the Internet has morphed into a place where people can live alternate realities. Sound familiar? The boundary lines between reality and virtual reality have begun to blur. So, does it matter what you say, think or do in this make-believe world? And if it’s not inhabited […]


Assassins is an odd premise for a musical. A group of misfits gather at a fairground shooting gallery with a problem to solve. Each come to the same conclusion. They must kill the President of the United States! From John Wilkes Booth through Lee Harvey Oswald to John Hinckley Jr, Assassins takes us through the […]