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From Chasing Asylum to Building Business

There are currently estimated to be 60 million people displaced from their homes across the globe. That means roughly one in a hundred people are unable to call home, home. The most common reason for displacement is armed conflict, and for many of those they may never be able to go back home. As Australia’s […]


Thrusting a taboo topic under the spotlight, Sydney artist Simon Bernhardt unleashes a new portrait exhibition, BDSM, at Black Eye Gallery in Darlinghurst. For the uninitiated, the exhibition's acronym namesake is a blanket term for a range of erotic role-play practices including bondage, dominance, submission and sadomasochism. Coinciding with Sydney’s Mardi Gras Festival, Bernhardt’s exhibition gets up close and […]

The Skinny On Sydney’s Best Nude Beaches

BY CARMEN CITA & ALANNAH MAHER As temperatures soar this summer, the usual quota of sun-loving Sydneysiders will flock to our many beaches for a refreshing dose of sun, sand and salt water. Among them, a growing number of beach-goers are expected to head to Sydney’s official clothing-optional beaches. While topless sunbathing is common at […]

Crowdfunded Kids’ Book Ready to Travel

BY CARMEN CITA Once upon a time, a daring young lawyer hatched a fanciful plan to publish a series of children’s books. Inspired by her various expeditions to far-flung places, Longzhen ‘Longy’ Han wanted to share the wonders of her travels with the next generation. What first seemed like a whimsical dream has now become […]

NAIDOC kicks inequality to the sidelines

The sportsground is not always a level playing field for Indigenous sporting stars. When Lionel Morgan became the first Aboriginal person to play rugby league for Australia in 1960, he was booed and pelted with objects. Fifty-five years on, Indigenous athletes are no longer an anomaly in the sporting arena, but traces of that hostility […]

Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free

June sees the arrival of a bold new exhibition at Darlinghurst’s TAP Gallery, revealing a rarely seen side of sex work. Debby Doesn’t Do It For Free comprises eye-opening works from an intergenerational collective of 26 sex worker artists, male and female, all telling their stories with art. Participating artist Deep-Dish Debby* says: “Between us, […]

Domestic Violence Rhymes With Silence

Bringing an uncomfortable subject out from behind closed doors, Redfern’s 107 Projects presents Rhymes With Silence, a collection of new short plays that grapple with the issue of domestic violence. Produced by Improvising Change - a production company that uses storytelling as a tool for social development - the thirteen plays contemplate interconnected themes of motherhood, […]

Cheeky Observer strikes on Oxford

Next time you’re in Darlinghurst, you might feel like someone’s watching you. You’re not imagining things. Street artist Cheeky Observer has been in town, leaving a larger-than-life portrait on the façade outside of Lucky Tsotsi Shebeen & Bar. Emblazoned on a wall on a side street off Oxford, the striking new mural is the latest […]

The Life of Montaigne

When fresh-faced Jessica Cerro placed as a finalist of Triple J Unearthed High in 2012 with her catchy pop tune Anyone But Me, her mum was her manager and her most devoted fan. Now recording under the artist moniker Montaigne, the Sydney-based songstress is striking a chord with audiences right across the country. As her […]

Through These Lines

With the Anzac Day Centenary approaching, many are focused on memories of the Aussie diggers who served and died in war. But on Sunday March 15th, The Factory Theatre in Marrickville will flip the Anzac script with a play honouring the nurses who served on the Greek Island of Lemnos. Based on the letters and diaries […]