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Sydney’s nightlife “destroyed”

BY ANDREW BARCLAY The City of Sydney is failing in its ambitious plan to become a “vibrant late-night economy” according to a council report which found a large decline in night-time visitors. The report blamed the lock out laws introduced by the state government as having a large role in dwindling numbers.The City’s late-night economy […]

Balmain Leagues’ Club can’t afford to move back to historic home: Mayor

BY ANDREW BARCLAY The Balmain Tigers appear certain to lose their chance to return to their spiritual home in Rozelle after Leichhardt Council claimed it would be too expensive for the club to return to the historic venue. The concerns come amidst an ongoing feud between the developer and council after the developer said it […]

Mercury up in Bays precinct

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Sydney’s largest urban redevelopment project could end up the inner west’s hottest place, with a new study showing temperatures along the coastal Bays Precinct could hit nearly 50 degrees due to a lack of urban greenery. This has led to claims the NSW Government is at odds with the Federal Government’s recently […]

Connex the dots: home acquisition process labelled “unfair”

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Hundreds of families could be left out of pocket as the New South Wales government moves ahead with controversial plans to forcibly acquire homes in the way of major infrastructure projects. Residents across the inner west have raised concerns about the forcible purchase of homes along the WestConnex route, branding the exercise […]

Ice busts don’t impact supply or increase prices: report

By ANDREW BARCLAY A report on the state of methamphetamine use in Australia has found that despite concerted efforts from law-enforcement agencies, the drug remains widely available with its price “stable” and the market “strong”. The report from the National Ice Taskforce found that despite repeated attempts of successive governments to disrupt the supply of the […]

New program hopes to reinvigorate Sydney’s floundering live-music scene

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Sydney’s live music scene is set to mirror that of Berlin under a new program being piloted by local councils, musicians and businesses. The pilot program, led by the City of Sydney council, will provide support to both existing live music spaces as well as encourage the development of newer performance spaces. […]

No urge to merge: community activists reject Baird Government’s plan for super councils

BY ANDREW BARCLAY In one of the worst kept political secrets of 2015, the NSW government announced last Friday that dozens of Sydney councils will be forced to merge and create ‘super-councils’. Campaigners have reacted with dismay at the decision, arguing that the process is little more than a rubber-stamp. “This is a clear political […]

Clover plays a starring role in Paris climate talks yet faces mounting criticism at home

BY ANDREW BARCLAY As Clover Moore met with world leaders and celebrities last week to discuss climate change in Paris her home-grown efforts to address carbon emissions have come under increased criticism. On December 4th, the City of Sydney Lord joined 450 mayors from around the world at the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21) to showcase “ambitious targets are possible and compatible with strong economic growth.” Yet an environmental […]

Decision looms as experts question council amalgamation logic

BY ANDREW BARCLAY The State Government has kept NSW local councils in limbo a month after the IPART review recommended forced mergers. Raffaele Catanzariti, member of the Save Our Councils Coalition (SOCC), told City Hub that there had been a complete lack of consultation with stakeholders. “The community consultation has been very poor and everything […]

Powerhouse move continues to light up community opposition

By Andrew Barclay A new report shows the number of visitors to the Powerhouse Museum is increasing, contradicting the NSW Government’s claim that the venue should be moved due to declining attendance. The NSW Government hopes to sell the Powerhouse building to high-rise property developers for a reported $150 to $200 million dollars, with the […]