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Community push back against Premier Baird is getting results 

BY ANDREW BARCLAY A recent backflip on the Glebe Island Bridge is proof community opposition to the Baird government’s agenda is getting results, according to Leichhardt Mayor Darcy Byrne. “A combination of pressure from council and community groups is having real results,” Clr. Byrne told City Hub. Councillor Byrne says the about-face is a response […]

RPA car park price hike hitting those who can afford it least

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Each day on his way to work Shaun* must decide whether to arrive two hours early and search for one of the few metered street parking spots or pay twenty-dollars in the adjacent car park. If he chooses the former, he must move his car every two hours to avoid a fine. […]

Backlash to forced council amalgamations unites suburbs big and small

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Councils from across NSW’s have continued to unite in their fight against the Baird Government’s forced amalgamations, which they say is a “threat to their local communities”. Mayor of Woollahra Toni Zeltzer said she met with councils from across NSW because mergers could be “the beginning of the end” for smaller councils. […]

Alcohol-free zone removal a ‘win for the marginalised’

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Sydney’s homeless population is set to benefit after the City of Sydney Council proposed scrapping over 60 alcohol-free areas across the city. Under the plan zones will be removed across several suburbs including Redfern, Surry Hills, Newtown and Darlinghurst. Homelessness NSW has welcomed the proposal, which it said unfairly targeted people sleeping […]

Plan to privatise prisons labeled a “risk to democracy”

BY ANDREW BARCLAY The NSW Government’s plan to privatise the state’s prisons is “completely mistaken” according to criminal justice experts and campaigners. Coordinator for Justice Action Brett Collins told City Hub the government’s plan was a “complete farce” because privatisation wouldn’t solve the biggest problem facing NSW prisons -- overcrowding. Mr Collins said that there […]

Sniffer dogs have had their day: experts, Greens

BY ANDREW BARCLAY The NSW government continues to push ahead with a drug policing strategy that has been an “abject failure” in the face of mounting evidence and criticism, according to experts and opponents. Member for Newtown Jenny Leong last week brought to the NSW lower house a bill aimed at ending the use of […]

Chain reaction: new bike laws increase hostility

BY ANDREW BARCLAY New laws for cyclists have had little effect on dangerous behaviour and have increased hostility between riders and drivers, according to a cyclists group. Stephen Wilks, a recreational cyclist from NSW, said the new laws have further flared tensions and reversed recent improvements to “drive a divide” between drivers and riders. He said the new laws perpetuated the perception that cyclists don’t belong […]

Jeers and heckles as Powerhouse move is debated in NSW Parliament

By ANDREW BARCLAY In a raucous discussion, complete with wolf calls and booing, the NSW Government sought to position so called inner city elites against western Sydney in a parliamentary debate over the selloff of the Powerhouse Museum on Friday. The debate in parliament occurred after a petition with 10,000 signatories was tabled in Parliament […]

Medical marijuana so near, so far

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Medical marijuana could be available by prescription in Australia by 2017 due to landmark legislation that provides the “missing piece”, yet the announcement has been met with caution by campaigners and the industry who say access may still be “years away”. Prominent medical marijuana businessperson Paul Benhaim told City Hub he was wary […]

Battle heats up for ‘progressive’ seat of Sydney

BY ANDREW BARCLAY Marrickville councillor Sylvie Ellsmore will contest the crucial Labor seat of Sydney against popular local member Tanya Plibersek, who has withstood a sweeping change in voting preferences in inner-city areas – for now. Ms Ellsmore will campaign largely on local issues she told City Hub, although it is expected Ms Plibersek, the […]