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Swan Lake

For lovers and appreciators of ballet, Swan Lake is the classic performance that everyone should watch at least once before they die. After much success internationally, the Australian Ballet will be returning back to Sydney in 2015. Artistic Director David McAllister enthuses: “We’ve toured this production to London, Paris, Tokyo, Nagoya, Shanghai and New York, […]

Tabac Rouge

Circus performer and director James Thierree returns to Sydney Festival with Tabac Rouge, his fourth and arguably most extravagant and enthralling performance yet. Set in a turn of the century kingdom, a broken and disillusioned ruler sinks deeper into depression as he struggles to distinguish between reality and his increasingly volatile fantasy. Surrounded by his […]

Tabac Rouge

Combining circus, mime, dance and theatre, James Thierree is one of the most interesting contemporary choreographers of our time. Returning for his fourth year at The Sydney Festival in 2015 with Tabac Rouge, the French choreographer is sure to deliver in his infamously spectacular and thrilling style. “I went into the underground of my artistic […]


Exists is another in a long line of twisted horror films from Cuban Director Eduardo Sanchez. It centres around five friends who predictably venture into a creepy Texan wood for a party weekend at an abandoned cabin. After a minor collision with what they think is an animal, they are slowly stalked by the Sasquatch, […]


In STC’s latest production Switzerland, playwright Joanna Murray-Smith and Director Sarah Goodes craft a thriller about the master of crime-thrillers, Patricia Highsmith. Held up in a house in the Swiss Alps, the hardened and eccentric writer (Sarah Peirse) lives in the secluded company of her cats, guns and books. But her isolated retreat is disrupted […]

The Little Death

Josh Lawson makes his directorial debut with The Little Death, voted second choice for best feature at The Sydney Film Festival. The offbeat and sometimes obscure comedy explores the sexual relations and fantasies of a group of neighbours and friends. Unashamedly it delves into sexual and social taboos, as behind closed doors ‘normal’ couples discover […]

The Witches

On the first day of rehearsals actor Guy Edmonds asks director Lucas Jervies, “Why are we doing this?” Edmonds recalls, “He said 'I want to make adults feel like children' – that was the mantra going in and it was a really great anchor working at that level." This one-man show, an adaptation of Roald […]

Night Moves

In Kelly Reichardt’s Night Moves three eco-activists living on the fringes of society plot to blow up a hydroelectric dam in protest against environmental devastation. But unexpected consequences start to make them question whether a noble cause can justify amoral actions? This is a film overflowing with taught anxiety. The first half slowly builds with […]

Dress Up Attack!

Festival director, Lisa Barbagallo reflects, “I’ve got three boys and I’ve taken them to many kids festivals and events over the years, but I always felt there could have been something entertaining for the carer as well as the child.” Barbagallo found that many of her friends who had “spent years in Sydney going to […]


Richard Linklater’s epic Boyhood, filmed over 12 years using the same actors, follows Mason (Ellar Coltrane) as he goes from childhood to the precipice of adulthood. Compelling at its premise, the film is insightful and unique but ultimately drags from lack of narrative drive. In a way, its understated nature is rather like life - […]