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Change: sometimes it's the most terrifying thing that can happen. It scares us, affects relationships and circumstances irreversibly, and the longer things have been the same, the more it tears everything apart. Such is the case with a stereotypical American family in Taylor Mac's Hir. Isaac returns home after four years to find his father […]

The Rape Of Lucretia

Entrepreneurial Carraigeworks Director, Lisa Havilah continues to strengthen avant-garde collaboration in the arts by bringing chamber opera to the usually hipster-only venue this spring. “In 2017, we have collaborated with Australian and International artists who consistently question and experiment with form – whether music, fashion, food or art," Havilah said. The aim is to "create […]

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets

In an enduring era of Hollywood white-washing, Valerian truly nails its opening sequence. Multiple teams of astronauts are seen meeting each other in space, shaking hands like noble comrades - with every major ethnic group represented as groups of scientists who have all made it to the "city of a thousand planets". The film continues […]

Australian universities still linked to Palestine

BY SORAYA PEREZ MOHAMMED Academics say Australia is endorsing the violence in Palestine by keeping open channels with Isreali universities-- at least when compared to our international counterparts on the global stage. Thousands of academics all over the world have boycotted Israeli universities and academics for their role in promoting the Israel-Palestine conflict. Now, they’re […]

Liberals could face backlash in Waverley Council elections

BY ANITA SENARATNA   Located in Sydney’s leafy eastern suburbs and home to one of Australia’s most iconic beaches, Waverley Council is traditionally Liberal party heartland. But the failed merger with Randwick and Woollahra  councils and the deeply unpopular Bondi Pavilion upgrade have left a bad taste in voters’ mouths, and this could translate to […]

Town Hall secrecy leads to distrust

BY ALEX EUGENE City of Sydney councillors now have so little faith in the Lord Mayor Clover Moore and her constituents, that they were led to believe a chain email claiming city buildings were up for sale had genuinely been endorsed by the Mayor. The Mayor's lack of transparency has been decried constantly by several […]

Camperdown to get controversial new hospital

  BY GEORGIA CLARK A legal loophole enabling developers to proceed with developments even if consent was received decades ago has caused concern that community consultation could be bypassed. The warning comes after a landmark decision in the Supreme Court was struck, ruling that a 20-year-old development consent received by Macquarie Health for a private […]

Homeless stand their ground at Martin Place

BY TOMMY BOUTROS The dwellers of the homeless camp in Martin Place are refusing to move on despite Lord Mayor Clover Moore announcing on Monday night that she had come to an agreement with the camp leader, Lanz Priestly, that they would do so. Ms Moore promised an immediate safe space would be provided within […]

Powerhouse to be drowned

BY ALEX EUGENE The government made its devastating announcement this week the Powerhouse Museum would move from Ultimo to Parramatta. Up to 90% of the museum's collection could be moved 25km across Sydney, at an expected cost of $1billion. After years of protest from the community, the site of the iconic venue will now most […]

Locals demand recognition of our first people

BY SATHSARA RADALIYAGODA Sydneysiders have called out the government for whitewashing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. A group of campaigners are demanding that the Aboriginal Flag is flown 365 days a year atop the structural icon, alongside the NSW and national Australian flags, which are already permanent fixtures. Cheere Toka heads a petition entitled “Fly the […]