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Russell Peters – Deported

Amid all the race-fuelled issues we’re constantly having as a society, comedy is a saving grace. Cue our favourite brown Canadian to arrive: Russell Peters will soon return to our shores with his Deported world tour. Born to Indian parents, Peters has a classic childhood story of being bullied by all the other white kids […]

Fucking Men

Fucking Men will premiere in Sydney this Mardi Gras, but the play itself has been done thousands of times. The original 1897 play La Ronde has been adapted for both gay and straight audiences, for musical theatre and cinema, and is a staple at comedy festivals internationally. As a gay man, New Theatre director Mark […]

Night Slows Down

Phillip James Rouse knew he wanted all the elements of a thrilling Greek tragedy in his play: high emotions, drama, and catastrophe. So he took inspiration from elements of the present-day America's unfathomable President, and Australia's disaster-fraught refugee policies. The result is Night Slows Down, a play about a world where "far-right extremists have won […]

Urban Kali

It’s not every day the chance comes up to see a live performance depicting a terrifying Indian Goddess. This week, you can. Rakini Devi returns to the Riverside Theatre with her fourth multi-disciplinary live art performance based around the Hindu Goddess Kali. Devi describes the show as “tradition as transgression” – meaning she’s using traditional Indian […]

Company admit to being tossers for “education”

BY ALEX EUGENE   An American-owned company has been littering the streets of Sydney in a shameless effort to advertise their product. ESET, an anti-virus software company has been leaving fake plastic credit cards strewn around footpaths of the CBD and inner west, with the slogan "insecure transactions are like leaving your credit card on […]

Pokies take their toll

BY ALEX EUGENE An eastern suburbs man has been arrested and charged for cheating three elderly people out of more than half a million dollars, which he allegedly used for gambling. The man, who pretended to be a financial adviser in order to nab the victims’ life savings, is said to have stolen a total […]

The road that keeps on tolling

BY WENDY BACON It is often said by critics of tollways that the purpose of building a tollway is to build a case for building another tollway. When the first tollway fails to reduce traffic congestion, your next project comes into play. In other words, tollways are the gift to the road lobby that just […]

Questions over amalgamation impact

BY BEN RAUE The forthcoming Local Council Elections on September 9 appear likely to produce some unexpected results amidst a backdrop of unfamiliar candidates and uneasy alliances. The forced amalgamations of electorates, that began after the NSW Government announced 19 new Sydney councils in May 2016, has created a significant stirring of resentment against the […]

WestConnex pollution on the rise

BY TOMMY BOUTROS The Inner West Council has hit out at the NSW Government’s most recently released Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for WestConnex. The WestConnex Stage 3 EIS was released only 10 working days after the period for community consultation closed. The EIS outlines that there will be an increase in pollutant concentrations from automobiles […]

Woollahra stands strong

BY ANITA SENARATNA The electorate of Woollahra has been safe Liberal party territory for the past two decades, and the local government election on September 9 is unlikely to bring any changes to the status quo. But the Greens and Residents First parties are also campaigning hard in the area. Both parties will be running […]