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Irish dance film to open festival

The Irish Film Festival will open its 2022 program with a stunning documentary that reveals how Irish dance became a phenomena around the world. 

Steps of Freedom: The Story of Irish Dance traces back the 2000 year old history of traditional Irish dance and its evolution into popular culture. 

“I’m delighted to bring a new program of Irish films to Australia this year. It’s very exciting to travel to cinemas in five cities and return to the cinema experience, which brings us together to celebrate our culture and our resilience. I’m also happy to be able to provide some of our program online to meet the needs of our audiences in far-off places in Australia and allow them to join our film community”, said Festival Director, Dr Enda Murray.

Still from Steps of Freedom: The Story of Irish Dance.

Through immigration, Irish dance has been imported and taught to young children all around the world, many to the level of competition. It is said to involve the fastest footwork of any dance type and it had a significant influence on the tap style that developed in the US. 

Steps of Freedom; The Story of Irish Dance will play on opening night of the Irish Film Festival, 25th August, Chauvel Cinema, Paddington. 

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