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Funny and queer – Creasey to host new show

Joel Creasey to host Camp Comedy at The Star

Comedian, Joel Creasey will be setting up camp – Camp Comedy, that is, at The Star in Sydney and the Gold Coast next year. He’ll be hosting a kind of talent quest for budding LGBTQI+ comedians to test their material in front of a live audience and, more importantly, a professional, seasoned and rather judgy comedian. 

Creasey felt compelled to create an opportunity specifically for queer comedians, in response to challenges he experienced in his own career. 

“They’re the same challenges that face us every day. Fear of acceptance, of rejection and ridicule. That’s heightened on a stand up comedy stage. You’re already worrying about your material making them laugh. Removing that added fear so people can focus on the comedy is what we’re doing,” Creasey explains. 

Camp Comedy is aimed at kick-starting the careers of new and emerging LGBTQI+ comedians, however, the humour doesn’t have to be completely queer-centric. In fact, Creasey believes that humour is universal. 

“I’m a believer that funny is funny no matter who you are. Queer stories can make straight people laugh and vice versa. I’m just looking for people with that cheeky funny bone who want to give it a crack on a professional stage.”

Creasey will be among a panel of professionals who will select contestants whom they believe have got the chops to succeed. So, how do you know when you’ve spotted talent? 

“I think different comedians will give you different answers. My belief is that anyone has the ability to do stand up comedy. That belief stems from the fact that everyone has at least one great dinner party story. You just need a thick skin and be fine with working at night haha. And then be willing to get up on stage and tell that story.”

You also need the drive to keep going on stage and telling that story night after night. Creasey says that’s not an issue. 

“It’s addictive. Once you get that first laugh you’ll keep going back for more.”

Creasey discovered comedy – and that he was good at it – at a very young age. He first stood-up, so to speak, at age 15, and reached the finals of the coveted Raw Comedy competition at age 17. It’s fair to say he became a comic sensation soon after that and has never looked back. 

“I had no other option really as I have no other skills haha!”

It was when he shared the bill with one of comedy’s greatest of all time that he knew he had arrived. 

 “I guess when I was on tour with Joan Rivers for the first time I felt I had realty “made” it. It was very special.”

Camp Comedy will be hosted at The Star, Sydney and The Star, Gold Coast in 2023. 

Stay tuned for more details. 

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