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Competitive comedy for a cause

All star line-up at Celebrity TheatreSports

The noble, often dangerous tournament of comic improvisation known as Theatre Sports, first came to popularity in the 1980s. It has since had many iterations on stage and television since then, but none is ever as big or disturbing a spectacle as the annual Celebrity TheatreSports event. 

The cringe-worthy attempts at humour, the awkward stumbles, the clearly overestimated talent, it’s all there on public display, made forgivable only by the fact that it is all for charity. 

Andrew Denton will host and keep time at Celebrity TheatreSports

An incredible line-up of celebrities risk life, limb, and self-respect to help support Canteen, an organisation for young people (aged 12 – 25) who are dealing with cancer. 

Andrew Denton, a seasoned TheatreSports gladiator, will host and keep time, along with co-host Josie O’Reilly and virtuoso musician, Benny Davis (Axis of Awesome) who’ll be improvising musically. 

Directed, as best she can, by Julie Dunsmore, the one-night only gala event will pit all-star team in a fight to the finish. 

Guest stars include: Adam Spencer (JJJ, Maths Geek), Joji Malani, (Gang of Youths), Ian Roberts (Rugby League legend and actor), Virginia Gay (actor, Calamity Jane, All Saints) Sam Simmons (Comedian, Radio/TV Presenter), Ruby Cornish (ABC journalist/ Behind the News), Daniel Cordeaux and Nicola Parry (Thank God You’re Here, actors, impro stars), Veronica Milsom (Comedian, JJJ host)…Sana Qadar (Podcaster, ABC, SBS), Jioji Ravulo (Risen, Dumb Criminals), Bec Melrose (Comedian) , Concetta Caristo (Comedian, Question Everything) .

Improv comedy at its best.

With Impro and Theatresports’ Legends: Gep Blake, Amanda Buckley, David Callan, Ewan Campbell, Jestika Chand, Murray Fahey, Ru Halwala, John Knowles, Jeff Mesina, Lisa Ricketts, Jane Simmons, Geoff Sirmai,  Linette Voller, Kate Wilkins…and more! 

Dave Collins (Umbilical Brothers), Benita Collings (Play School), Angus Sampson (Fargo), Tahir (Comedian), Jay Laga’aia (Star Wars) will be providing recorded video challenges for teams to play out on the night.

It’s a great night of fun and laughter plus you’ll be helping raise money for kids fighting cancer. 

Sunday August 21, 4:30pm

Enmore Theatre, 118-132 Enmore Rd, Newtown

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