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Pet owners can soon be notified before fireworks via Service NSW app

Sydney Fireworks

Firework data will soon be shared with the public, to give pet owners warning. Photo: NSW government.


Pet owners will soon be given warning over planned fireworks via the Service NSW app, so that they have time to prepare their pets for loud noises. The idea for firework data to be shared with the public via the app comes from a collaboration between Sydney Councillor Linda Scott and Ryde MP Victor Dominello.

Service NSW app users will be able to opt-in for notifications before fireworks happen in their area. Dominello said in a Facebook post that before letting off fireworks, a number of agencies need to be notified at least 7 days before, including Safe Work NSW.

He said that the idea to share this data was discussed with other MPs, as well as Local Government Minister Wendy Tuckerman and Animal Justice Party member Emma Hurst.


MPs and Councillors have collaborated to make the firework data accessible to the public via Service NSW. Photo: Facebook.

Firework data for pet owners to be available in April next year

Dominello said the date is projected to be available by April 2023, with Service NSW development times and priorities being related to the delay.

Cr Scott shared in a Facebook post that many dog owners are concerned for their pets welfare while fireworks are going off, after a Potts Point resident contacted her about their rescue dog. A UK RSPCA study reveals that an estimated 45% of dogs are afraid of fireworks.

Once the data is available through the Service NSW app, owners will have time to prepare their pet for loud and distressing noises caused by fireworks in their area.

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