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Sydney’s New 91-Kilometre Walking Trail

Ever wanted to walk from the Sydney Opera House all the way to Parramatta whilst taking in the views of our iconic Sydney Harbour? Well if the NSW Government’s $60 million Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link project goes ahead you will be able to do just that.

The 91-kilometre walk will reimagine Sydney & Parramatta as we currently know them. With the government’s long held vision that Parramatta should become Sydney’s second CBD this project, along with the rail improvements, will go a long way towards making that vision become a reality.

The proposed walkway will be accessible by both pedestrians and cyclists, stretching from the harbour end of Parramatta Park to the Sydney Opera House, spanning no less than 18 different suburbs. It’s hoped that this would encourage locals and visitors to explore more of the city as the Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link becomes one of the city’s longest and most important transport connections.

“This pathway will take in some of our most spectacular sights and unlock incredible lifestyle and accessibility opportunities the route offers for the benefit of locals and visitors,” said Treasurer Matt Kean as he announced the news late last week alongside Minister for Infrastructure, Cities, & Active Transport Rob Stokes.

The sizable investment in the Foreshore Link will be included in the 2022-23 budget, which should make the timeline a bit clearer. As of right now, a completion date has not yet been revealed.

Sydney Becoming A Walkers Paradise

The Parramatta to Sydney Foreshore Link won’t be the first of it’s kind in Sydney. Just a. Few short years ago an 80-kilometre walkway was opened between Bondi & Manly. The City of Sydney opened that 80-kilometre urban walking track around Sydney’s iconic harbour foreshore in December 2019.

Marked by 350 distinctive Indigenous Australian Whale symbol signs, the Bondi to Manly urban walkway is easy to follow with a digital walking app available to download.

Aside from the obvious highlights – those being the likes of the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge – walkers can also enjoy secluded coves and beaches in Vaucluse, the fascinating military tunnels and fortifications of Georges Head, as well as the Spit Bridge.

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