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Record label celebrating LGBTQ artists launched to celebrate Pride Month

Tomboi Records Artist, Lion.

As Australia celebrates Pride Month a brand new record label has been established. Tomboi Records was founded by Alexis Benedict to showcase Australia’s plethora of emerging and established Women, LGBTQIA+ and POC artists, who for too long have been under appreciated & underrepresented.

Alexis Benedict

Tomboi Records CEO Alexis Benedict

Tomboi Records is led by Alexis Benedict, a seasoned veteran in the Australian music industry with 25 years of experience in self-management, production, performance, writing and recording. Identifying as a non-binary person who has experienced first-hand and watched fellow artists in the industry receive a lack of support and endure discrimination due to their gender, colour, disability and sexual orientation, Benedict felt it was time to take a stand and represent. Having always been drawn to positive change and fighting injustice, Benedict can continue to be part of a new movement and bring change to the industry with Tomboi Records now filling that gap.

“We are here to start a new safe space in the music industry and shake it up a little! We are the first record label in the world created to be specifically a safe label for Women, LGBTQIA+ and POC in music and beyond,” said Benedict. “We are so excited to bring incredible artists to light and let them shine the best way we know how. Our hope is that other teams can adopt this approach that we do and see that there is a gap in the industry and it is a must for real change and to genuinely create inclusive elements to the music industry.”

Artists joining Tomboi Records

Tomboi Records Artists June 2022.

Making up this one of a kind roster is some immense talent. This includes the likes of queer black electro-pop/ alt artist Lion; emotive alt-pop act Joan & The Giants, fronted by Grace Newton-Wordsworth and Aaron Birch (First Nations person); female/ LGBT duo Forces & Fury, with their dreamy electronica; Greg Gould (LGBT), whose album 1998 landed at number one on the Australian Charts amongst a huge list of other successes; visual artists and art/pop electronic female artist Parker, who has won best music video at New York Film Awards, Los Angeles Film Awards and more; and lastly, Tomboi’s own pop-alt artist, Benedict.

All six artists will be performing at Tomboi Records Showcase in Sydney on July 14 at The Great Club. Tickets & Info:

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