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Greek Comedy – Your Mother’s Quarantine

Your Mother's Quarantine Cast

Your Mother's Quarantine Cast

There’s great news for theatregoers who attended last year’s runaway comedy hit Your Mother’s Pension – the sequel, Your Mother’s Quarantine has arrived and is guaranteed to have audiences rolling down the aisles in tears of laughter!

Written by Maria N Kitra and directed by Vagelis Houliaras the story follows the Skapoularas family who live in Athens in a tiny apartment during COVID-19 lockdown. Not only is the immediate family in quarantine, but the father and mother in-law come to stay along with Lisa who returns from the US with her long-lost brother. There’s also quite a few other characters coming in and out of the apartment.

“It follows the story during the lockdown period and through that story you learn what these lovable misfits have done with themselves since last year,” explained actress Anna Bilalis, who plays the role of Marina. “There’s a cast of 14 however only 13 are on stage as one of them is a voice in the air that you will hear.”

Adamant that this stage play is funnier than its predecessor as there are a lot of new characters to explore, she also explained that she’s enjoying playing the role of Marina, an American born Greek. “I speak Greek and English – hopefully with a good American accent!” laughed Bilalis.

Anna Bilalis

Spoken in Greek with English subtitles (translation projected above stage) this shouldn’t hinder the enjoyment for non-Greek speaking audiences.

“A lot of the meaning is conveyed through the gestures and body language of the cast. Also, not only for people who don’t speak Greek or even for people like myself who may not know all the Greek words that I should know, I find that I tend to read the subtitles as it helps me understand some things better for myself.”

This hilarious ‘laugh-a-thon’ is suitable for all adult audiences regardless of whether they watched the first edition or not.

“You can definitely walk in and know what’s going on but if you saw the first edition you’d follow on the characters and their story.”

But should non-Greek speaking audiences come along and watch this stage play?

“Definitely! To have a good laugh and a Greek experience. It’s great to immerse yourself in another culture. Not only will you be watching a Greek show, but you’ll be amongst Greeks.

“We’re Greek, we’re loud, we’re proud and we’re over the top and we enjoy taking the micky out of ourselves!” laughed Bilalis.

May 14-Jun 12. Mytilenian House, 225 Canterbury Rd, Canterbury. $25-$30+b.f. Tickets & Info:

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